Truth as a Foundation for Meaningful Resistance

The masses today do not understand masculine discourse.

They label any use of so-called “offensive” terms “immature” and “juvenile”.

They label any expression of anger as “whining” and some sort of personality defect.

They have no concept of the way the world works when it is not Judaized. When men are men and women are actually women. They don’t know how groups of men are supposed to function. They still believe in the lie of universal equality, that we are all equal, that in a group our opinions should be equally valued and we should all be “nice” to each other.

Let’s examine the etymology of the word “nice”.

late 13c., “foolish, stupid, senseless,” from O.Fr. nice “silly, foolish,” from L. nescius “ignorant,” lit. “not-knowing,” from ne- “not” (see un-) + stem of scire “to know” (see science).

That’s what being “nice” really means. It means being a slave. It means being weak, emasculated, and powerless.

A group of MEN will naturally compete with one another for status and will bond while doing so. Leaders will emerge, conflicts will occur, and the stronger, smarter man will persevere. Thereafter the other men will look up to him and even become his friend.

Let’s take my uncle as an example. What do you think happens when you’re a baby-faced blond-haired blue-eyed young Aryan man in Vietnam? A lot of people want to fight you. And when they get their asses handed to them suddenly they want to be FRIENDS and they stop picking fights with people.

That’s how groups of men work. Our generation especially has forgotten this, and the fact that most are sitting on their asses on the computer trying to gain petty points of status in any way possible, with absolutely no real repercussions for bad behavior, for insulting superiors, for DISRESPECTING people and for being DECEITFUL, these are more boys than men.

Am I already offending people with my PASSION? With my naughty capital letters? I’m not angry or hateful. I’m just very passionate about these truths. And people need to listen and learn and change their ways, because we aren’t going to defeat our enemies if we’re a nation of children, of boys who argue like women.

Now the argument will be that I’m being “divisive”. Really I am just trying to help.

There is a huge difference between feminine drama and antics and bitching and complaining VS masculine passion, masculine anger, FURY even when directed at our enemies. Righteous fury is a REQUIREMENT if we are to succeed. Properly channeled, of course.

[Note: It’s come to my attention that some people who have an agenda against me are going to take this next part out of context. So let me be clear: It will do us no good to spend our time throwing out offensive insults haphazardly. I certainly can do a better job at that myself, which is a lot easier when I don’t feel alone in this struggle. On the other hand, we need to realize that people are going to get angry sometimes and use these terms, and that we can’t spend all our time asking them to go to “sensitivity training” to appease Jews and other advocates of “political correctness”. My mission here is to tell the truth, not appease the delicate sensibilities of the hopelessly Judaized. Sometimes strong language is necessary because it sheds light on how conditioned we really are to view the world in a certain way. As you read the rest of this piece, keep that in mind.]

But if someone’s going to tell me I need to stop using the word nigger or cunt when it is indeed an accurate reflection of the individual at which it is directed, what they’re telling me is to be NICE. To turn the other cheek. To embrace the slave morality. To LIE. To avoid telling the truth because the truth isn’t politically correct. All this has ever led to is pandering to the mainstream, the mainstream that is owned and operated by Jews, the mainstream that will never actually support us as long as they cling to their false religion: liberalism, modernism, feminism, weakness.

Now surely it is not appropriate at all times to speak in such a manner. I wouldn’t constantly direct insults and attacks against people who don’t deserve it. But when the attacks are accurate, they are almost required. It’s called social shaming. You must shame people into changing their behavior, especially when there’s no way of using physical force to correct their misdeeds. So if someone disrespects me, they don’t get respect in return, and they don’t get to play the fucking victim. Victimhood, false victimhood – that is the way of the Jew, and, it is worth noting, the WOMAN. I refuse to disrespect people unless they disrespect me or my values – and people who are disingenuous, who refuse to argue rationally and instead cling to twisting words, they repulse me, and I will treat them accordingly. It is the way of men to call a spade a spade, not to whisper and sneak and whine and complain and twist words. At least, it is the way of the Aryan man.

I want to expand for a moment on my comments on women. First let’s take a look at what Dr. Joseph Goebbels had to say on women and National Socialism:

Speaking at the opening of a women’s exhibition in Berlin in 1933, Dr. Joseph Goebbels assured the women it would be “crazy” to think of driving them from public life, professions, work and bread winning, but there were two areas that must remain for men alone: politics and the military.

Virtue gives qualities such as bravery, loyalty, honesty, cleanliness, trustworthiness, and respect for life and innocence. Assuredly, men who do not have or strive for all these qualities are not true National Socialist men, no matter if they wear a uniform or wave a swastika.

The realization here is that we must strive for traditional, sensible values: family values, sex roles for men and women that make sense, “patriarchy” (in other words, men rule the home, the wife, the kids, and politics, and women keep out of the political sphere and the military). All these traditional, sensible values RESIST the liberal, communist virus we’ve been infected with, which holds that men and women are equal and therefore the same, and that we must treat them as androgynous creatures. It is no coincidence that National Socialist Germany embraced these traditional values. They are not dead, they are not outdated. They are REQUIRED for a stable, healthy, thriving civilization. The alternative? Widespread divorce. Single motherhood. The welfare state. Widespread abortion. Competition rather than cooperation between men and women. Replacement of the husband/father with the nanny/welfare/police state. Replacement of the family and community with the liberal propaganda machine we call government-sponsored education.

All these concepts are tied together in a cohesive ideology. I don’t know how much white nationalists talk about these topics; I am but a newcomer, having spent most of my time dealing with these related topics until quite recently I realized the role of Jews behind infecting us, manipulating us with the viruses of communism and its predecessor Christianity in order to wipe us out. So I don’t know whether these ideas seem new or controversial here, but I don’t think they should. After all, pretty much everything about this modern insane world is ass-backwards and wrong.

So what can we draw from this? Ideally women should not be in leadership positions in the movement. It’s great if a women wants to talk about issues, especially if she can be useful in recruiting other women, as long as she doesn’t refuse to really consider harsh truths just because she finds them “offensive to women”. Feminist nonsense has no place here.

The fact is that women’s nature is wholly different from men’s. Women’s entire survival strategy has always been wrapped up in exploiting men for their utility. Women marry men for what they can provide. They play the victim so easily, they pour out crocodile tears on cue, they know how to manipulate others emotionally, for they are masters of social interaction and driven by emotions, by short-term thinking, at least in comparison to men, who are more rational, more reserved, and more prone to think of the long-term consequences and complexities of all matters. There is a reason there are few women participating here and adding to the discussion. Women are not suited for politics.

But over time, as any movement becomes more popular, women begin to seek to join up. To get involved. Where men lead, women always follow. And then women begin to make demands, to scold men for using “naughty language” like cunt. To turn the men’s space, a space where things get done, into a woman’s space, a space that caters to women and their whims. No longer can you have a rational discussion without constantly second-guessing yourself, that you might offend some woman who’s reading. You begin to temper your words, to not tell the whole truth, for fear of offending her precious sensibilities (and in this modern world, the precious sensibilities of weak, effeminate males). A former men’s space, where the focus was on truth, consequences, action, and results, becomes a woman’s space, a liberal’s space, where one must pander to the masses, pander to women, pander to easily-offended liberals. You cannot get anything done in such a space. The temptation for most men to pander to women in order to “protect” them or even (try to) fuck them is too great. Welcoming women into leadership roles is always a significant danger, and though especially during the formative years women can make valuable contributions, their goal always should be to eventually let men take the lead and retreat to where they really belong: in the home, with the family, in the community, embracing their SUPPORTIVE role, which is ESSENTIAL.

Here is an article by Laura Grace Robins, a married traditional Christian woman, on how the inclusion of women in higher education led to a decline in the formerly male-dominated area of rhetoric, which has turned our formerly logic-based scholastic environment on its head. No longer do we have an environment where boys can act like boys, where young men can act like men in their formative years, where they can engage in competition they crave, and learn actively. No, now everything is thoroughly feminized: there is no competition, only cooperation; boys’ natural energy and desire to actively learn is stifled, even with DRUGS. Boys are forced to sit still for hours at a time listening to a woman teacher telling them stuff they don’t care about because it’s not being taught to them properly – they aren’t GIRLS! They need MEN to teach them how to become men! Nowadays, universities are dominated by women and liberals. Young men are scorned, harassed, threatened with false rape accusations, and forced to bend their will to a stifling bureaucracy if they wish to advance.

And here is an article that expands on what I’ve said here, by Matt Forney:

And I quote:

Ultimately, young men are the key to success for any social movement; it’s they who do the grunt work, who have the least to lose from opposing the popular orthodoxy, who are the most willing to risk their livelihoods and their lives for something they believe in. And women will always follow so long as men lead.

The reality is that women are by and large herd creatures. Women strive for social acceptance above all else, and almost everything they believe, from what clothes they wear to what figureheads politicians they vote for, is determined by one question: “Is it popular?” The Ava Morettis of the world are exceptions to the rule.

Trying to “appeal” to women is an exercise in pointlessness. The alt-right’s focus should be on recruiting young men, the fuel of revolution. Once the tide begins to turn, women will flock to the right like groupies swarming an indie rock guitarist who lives with his parents and doesn’t have a job. Don’t get me wrong: it’s not that women should be unwelcome, it’s that they’re unimportant. They are sideshows, not the main act.

Young men are waking up and throwing off their chains. They’re refusing to enable feminism, socialism or liberalism any more. And when enough Atlases shrug, the whole thing will come crashing down. Whether some naysayers think they’re “misogynistic” is irrelevant, because women don’t decide the future; men do.

It is true that the masses will have a hard time accepting some of these ideas, but in fact they are much easier to swallow than certain other truths, for example that the “Holocaust” never took place. And we may not need to worry a great deal about focusing on the subject of women, as long as we always keep in mind the reality that pandering to women’s typically juvenile desires is as much a death sentence as embracing liberalism or pandering to Jews.

The mentality of women, liberals, and Jews is really quite similar. They all have a tendency, moreso than their opposites (men, conservatives, whites), to manipulate, which requires lies to be effective. Jews breed liberalism. Liberalism breeds feminism. This is no coincidence. There is a reason virtues are called virtues: the root word ‘vir’ means ‘man’. A world that is ruled by manly virtues, a patriarchy, is totally compatible with nationalism, with traditional values, with National Socialism, with strong culture, community, and families, the bedrock of civilization. A world that is ruled by feminine “virtues” is the world we have today, a matriarchy where women’s whims rule. The consequence is widespread dissolution of families, materialism, divorce, crime. An erosion of all that is good. To put an end to this horror, men must LEAD, and women must follow.

It is not chance that even as liberalism was eating away at the culture in America in the 1800s, the divorce rate was less than 5% until in the early 1900s feminism really began to take hold, we granted women suffrage, and the welfare state immediately began to expand. Women, far moreso than men, vote to be taken care of. And they don’t vote wisely. If only men voted, the political makeup today would be VASTLY more conservative, vastly more SANE, vastly less Judaized.

Now the divorce rate is around 50% and birth rates are dropping quickly. Young white men are steering away from marriage, as it’s a shit deal these days. Even if they were to have children, it’s very likely they’ll either be divorced within a decade or living with a miserable harpy for the rest of their lives. They have no guarantee of passing on their knowledge to their children, of passing on their values, because if there is a custody battle they will lose in almost all cases. Not only that, the media and educational systems corrupt their children’s minds. And with women settling down when they’re older (after 10 or 15 years of pump n dump “liberation”), whites are having fewer children, with more birth defects. So not only are our men having fewer children who can carry on their legacy via their DNA, but they are being denied the ability to carry on their VALUES, their WISDOM, the true legacy of their own short lives, to their children!

These are the consequences of matriarchy.

Here’s some research demonstrating the differences in morality of men and women:

The study shows that men and women have a significant difference in “super ego” strength.  In other words, men are more moralistic and women are more self-indulgent.

Male type traits: Rule-conscious, dutiful, conscientious, conforming, moralistic, staid, rule bound (High Super Ego Strength)

Female type traits: Expedient, nonconforming, disregards rules, self indulgent (Low Super Ego Strength)

The point of my argument here is really that we need a cohesive ideology. This is not just a movement for “white nationalism”. It is a social movement. And the whole world knows that the current way is not working. But they don’t know why. And they don’t know how to fix it. We need not dwell on every aspect at every moment, but we must always keep these things in mind, for they are intrinsically tied to our ability to resist Jewish influence, liberalism, and the granting of power to women over men.

Women are not the victims of history anymore than “minorities” or Jews are. But they like to claim they are, don’t they? Liberalism tears down men, who are by and large very responsible when they have power over women and their families, by making us into the “oppressors” of women, which is truly an absurdity. It tears down whites, by making us into cold-blooded “racists” who “oppressed” everyone else throughout history, which is as absurd as the Holohoax. It tears down heterosexual unions, by normalizing homosexuality and other deviant behavior, and throwing it in our faces like pornography, convincing our children that this is normal behavior, and that to be a heterosexual is to be “homophobic”, “transphobic”. Fuck, think of all the bogus phobias and “-isms” liberals have manufactured to further degenerate our society: fatphobia, ableism, racism, sexism, anti-semitism!

It took me a long time to realize it wasn’t just liberalism that was to blame; liberalism (communism, Marxism, globalism, modernity, whatever you wish to call it) is but a tool. It was the schemer behind the scenes, always promoting degeneracy, always promoting that which truly represents his inner nature, that which destroys, which is vile and corrupt: the “intellectual” Jew, who was truly to blame. Naive college kids are brainwashed into becoming effeminate liberal useful idiots who play right into his hands, and become just as hateful as he is. They become Judaized.

I hope this post is well-received. I am so tired of trying to contribute important knowledge so that we may stand a chance at a better world, and having it nitpicked and shunned because it doesn’t jive with what is politically correct, with the pure insanity of the modern world. Feel free to share it, if you think it is of value. If you don’t, I will.

I’m not saying that we should dilute the message by focusing over-much on these issues, and losing focus on the true enemy, the Jew. But if we are to rebuild the culture, attract like minds and potential allies, we need to have a goal in mind, and not just the elimination of Jewish influence. That’s just not enough to convince people. We need to attract people who share our respect for traditional values, build alliances, and really make this into a unified political front, not just a surface movement promoting white nationalism, an end to Jewish tyranny, and nothing more. That sort of movement, I believe, will fail; it isn’t complete, it isn’t engaging. But if we have a cohesive solution, an answer to all the problems of this ugly modern world, an answer for YOUNG MEN LIKE ME who are lost and looking for an answer, a purpose, for an end to the suffering caused by these Jews who have ruined the economy and the culture, THEN perhaps we can be victorious.

And we better do it soon, because young men need to know NOW that their government and the Jews behind it intend to kill them off. If we do nothing, eventually we’ll be utterly wiped out by the eugenics program called liberalism, a weapon of mass destruction invented by the Jew.

Unlike our forefathers, we have the Internet, we have all the tools before us we need to become aware, to ponder the problems, to find the solutions, and to take action WHILE THERE IS STILL SOME HOPE OF SUCCESS. Now is the time.

The ideology I present here is a guide. It is a mosaic of ideas, logically consistent. The ideas are not original; I learned them from better men and put them together like a puzzle. I’m not a leader, I’m just a dreamer, a man who values TRUTH.

I’ll leave you with an excellent piece by Dr. Thomas Dalton: Nietzsche on the Jews. He ties together the nature of the Jews, Judaism, slave morality, and the alternative. Though Nietzsche was in some ways a philo-semite, his insights nevertheless shine through clearly when Dalton presents them for us.

If we don’t embrace the truth then we will make the wrong choices, for our premises will be false. Leaders will take the wrong paths, make the wrong choices, say the wrong things, and push away the very brightest people, who will not accept falsehoods, who will not accept continued promotion of false values. This really is all about values.

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3 Responses to Truth as a Foundation for Meaningful Resistance


    Really good essay, j313! I had skimmed it before, but today I read it through. Young men do need more light now, especially because there is so much (Judaic) mysandry in the U.S. in particular. You’ve provided ample knowledge, all of it integrating well. More young men need to read this essay. So many young men are lost, and there’s almost no guidance out there whatsoever. Your essay goes some way to remedy that, for sure.

    I read the Dalton essay, too. I only wish that it had been more leading, more detailed, more specific, more passionate. Nietzsche will never be able to expand upon his ideas. . . .

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