Mike Delaney of Prothink Betrays Whites

Mike Delaney of Prothink.org has intentionally broken the Zion Crime Factory and Jewish Problem websites by replacing the content with auto-redirects to promote his website trutube.tv.

No true ally would deprive us of these valuable resources. Mike Delaney has betrayed us.

From now on we must use the archives of these sites to ensure the message gets out. I have linked the archives in the sidebar, and here they are also:

Zion Crime Factory: http://web.archive.org/web/20130103231509/http://zioncrimefactory.com/

Jewish Problem: http://web.archive.org/web/20130116102133/http://www.jewishproblem.com/

For more information, read the article by Zion Crime Factory’s author here: https://therealzcf.wordpress.com/2013/02/13/mike-delaney-of-prothink-betrays-zioncrimefactory-seizes-www-zioncrimefactory-com/

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15 Responses to Mike Delaney of Prothink Betrays Whites

  1. j3133 says:

    I posted the following at Total Fascism in response to Andrew Anglin’s piece on Charles Giuliani: http://www.totalfascism.com/charles-giuliani-falsely-accuses-me-of-using-the-n-word-goes-on-to-agree-with-all-of-my-points/#comment-5042

    Andrew said: “Charles Giuliani is probably not a Jew, probably not any sort of disinformation agent, he is simply emotionally unstable and very confused. The fact remains, however, that I have no desire to be associated with him or his flop-flopping gibberish or bizarre displays of womanish emotionality, and that I think what he is doing cannot be construed as positive or helpful.”

    My response:

    If this is your stance I suggest you apply it evenly and distance yourself from Mike Delaney, who is a buffoon lacking integrity. His recent behavior is entirely incompatible with white manhood. Not only did he steal the work of two valuable contributors, but he has repeatedly prevented readers from viewing their work, instead auto-redirecting to his websites so he can get more donations. Mike Delaney cares more about making money and being a petty, passive-aggressive jerk, than he does this movement. He is worse than a Jew; at least a Jew does not betray his OWN race.

    Since Delaney appears to enjoy whimsically making JewishProblem.com and ZionCrimeFactory.com unavailable, I’ve linked the Wayback Machine copies of these sites on my website. These versions provide copies of the websites unadulterated by Delaney’s childish, dishonorable actions.

    I guarantee we will see no results as long as charlatans like Mike Delaney have a following. We need respectable white men with honor and integrity who put the movement first, not asinine drama queens who think this movement and the material created by those within it are playthings for their amusement.

  2. Hitler Truth says:

    I agree the actions against ZCF and Jewishproblem are unacceptable. ZCF said he is dropping out of the movement which I think is a mistake, but either way the few like myself will keep pushing the truth regardless of the divisions. I’m thinking the religious issue needs serious attention, I used to think we could just ignore it but this proves we can not.

  3. rockclimber says:

    How anyone can defend Delaney at this point is beyond me.
    He for the most part stole JAM’s work and made it his own.
    He is affiliated with a murderer by the name of William Finck.
    On that note CI is often associated with ex-cons and prisons

    He betrays a friend over an argument that he called the “golden rule” . So gay. I think he was waiting for his moment to pounce and destroy ZCF. This is the ONLY thing that makes sense.

    He steals ZCF’s work and calls it his own and deceitfully does not let others know that ZCF’s site is now being run by him.

    His murderer friend posts a pic of ZCF. Dirty and shameful.

    He released ZCFs book on ZCFs website.

    Delooney had nothing to do with the the work that ZCF put out on that site. A decent “Christian” would not do what he did to ZCF. A supremacist jew would. Therefore Delaney is practicing his jewish religion like a “Pro”.

    Maybe he should change his name to “JEWTHINK”?

    Keep up the good work.

    • j3133 says:

      Thank you for the reply.

      I had to Google who JAM is. John Alan Martinson II.

      I read the comments over at http://grizzom.blogspot.com/2013/02/mike-delaneys-prothink-radio-show-feb.html

      The picture is a bit more clear to me now.

      Why hasn’t someone sat down and spelled it all out? Is everyone to concerned with appearing to be “divisive”?

      I’ve seen this same bullshit from liberals and Jews I’ve tried to work with in the past. Always claiming victimhood. Always fucking over other people and then when you call them out for it, YOU’RE supposed to be the bad guy.

      This community should be better than that. We should band together and say: We don’t want you fake motherfuckers anymore. You’re OUT. And everyone should get rid of them in their sidebars and stop associating with them. It’s the only way.


    Thank you j3133 and all the commenters here. I resonate very much with the message you’re sending out — and I find myself feeling validated in my own views as to this tragedy and feel helped by everything all of you have said here.

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  6. nooralhaqiqa says:

    Coming late to comment but let me add another little criminal act Delaney pulls. If you should be foolish enough to contact him and even politely disagree with his words, he totally changes or rewrites the comment and then posts it under your name so you come across to anyone who might find the passage and does not know your views might really believe you are supportive of his actions.

    The day he shut down ZCF was the first time I met him at Mami’s. Within ten minutes he offered to host my blog and then he or his supportive buddy informed me that since my children were Eurasian I would have to eventually have them killed. Yes, you are right, I politely turned down his offer.

    His recent vid against Mark Glenn of The Ugly Truth is truly despicable. Eleven minutes of foul language and absolutely over the top lies. Because I go by an Islamic name (and have for 8 years) renders me a Muslim despite the fact I have asserted my Canadian purely white background with genealogical proof!

    I figure he is a disruptive agent. Heck, he even stole the script to Missing Links from the writer according to that writer’s close friend. He is a disgrace and eminently forgettable. And a lesson to be learned from!

    • j3133 says:

      Ah, more drama huh?

      I looked into the matter. My conclusions are thus:

      1) Mike Delaney of Prothink is a useful idiot asshole and perhaps controlled opposition. (This, I already knew.)

      2) Mark Glenn of The Ugly Truth isn’t any better. (This, I suspected, but it has now been confirmed.)

      The information at the following links proves that Mark Glenn doesn’t care about whites, and doesn’t really care about Jews attacking whites with their genocidal policies. Thus, he is no ally to me or anyone who really values the truth. He is anti-white.



      And here is a privilege that I, being white, European, and specifically mostly of German descent, have: I value the truth. Unlike Delaney, who only cares about whites, or Glenn, who only cares about Arabs, or Jews, who only care about Jews, I can look past race and look at what is best for the human race, for humanity. In fact that is what I have always done (though it is also why whites are susceptible to self-hatred when lied to).

      The only sane conclusion is thus: if the white race falls, humanity falls as well. That is why Jews’ primary target is whites of European ethnicity, and that is why especially Germans are such a prime target. That is why they murdered millions of them during and after the world wars, that is why they portray blondes in the media as evil, that is why Jews created feminism and the social movements mentioned in Kevin MacDonald’s Culture of Critique.

      Germans especially have the highest percentage of geniuses of all Europeans, with only Ashkenazis (supposedly) having more. Germans especially are prone to valuing the truth, honor, integrity, justice, etc., above all else, even above their own race. I am not pro-white because I’m white. I’m pro-white because whites are great, they naturally have an affinity for the values that the human race MUST have if it is to survive and thrive; there is a reason whites are so prone to embracing Christianity, embracing goodness.

      This is also the reason if I ever do have children, they will be white children. I will not breed with non-whites. In fact I would most likely choose another of German descent, again because the best chance for humanity in the long run is a race of human beings who possess Germanic values, values that are in truth GOOD, and in truth the only thing that can save humanity in the long run.

      So, in truth, anyone who is not pro-white is in fact anti-truth and anti-humanity. Anyone who embraces “multiculturalism” or promotes miscegenation is in fact on the side of falsehood, on the side of the Jew. Anyone who promotes widespread immigration into predominantly white countries is also.

      And in case someone reading thinks that I am trying to rationalize my pro-white stance, that simply isn’t the case. I came to these conclusions over years of research, after starting out as a moderate liberal who believed in equal treatment for all races and didn’t really even value my own race. In fact I considered the races to be, for the most part, equal. The facts, however, proved this to be wrong, and proved a great many other truths.

      I certainly am not against Muslims. The Jews are working hard to get whites and Muslims to fight each other, and anyone who spreads hatred of Islam is also on the side of evil, of the Jew. But that doesn’t mean I am in favor of Islam in white countries, though I actually do like a few things about Islam, and its resistance to Jews and their anti-traditional leftist policies.

      I certainly am not against Asians. But I do recognize that Asians do not have the same fighting spirit that whites have, which is why they are not really a threat to Jews. I have also heard that Chinese possess a great deal of cruelty, judging by the reign of Mao. And I know that Ashkenazi Jews themselves are of Turkish-Mongolian stock, so that tells you something about Asians as well. I certainly recognize also that Asians in European countries actively fight against white interests.

      As for you, I would urge you not to engage in the drama so much. You are apparently a woman? It is typical for women to have a desire to engage in drama. These days, sadly, it is even typical even for most men, as they have been so Judaized/feminized/liberalized. Nevertheless, it seems you are wise to many of the important truths, and are doing good work to spread the message. It would have been better, most likely, if you’d have had white children instead, as it’s unlikely that your non-white children, being non-white, will carry the banner in a way that will be helpful to the human race. There is a reason Jews wish for the white race to be diluted and a reason Jews wish for feminism and multiculturalism. Nevertheless, despite your imperfect choices, I hope that your efforts shall continue.

      By the way, there is really no excuse for divorce, especially when children are involved. And you are Muslim? A Muslim woman should not be running around the internet engaging in gossip, I would think. This is a problem with women, that they really do not behave well unless trained at an early age and properly disciplined by their husbands. A woman who responds to being disciplined for misbehavior with divorce and even gossiping about it on the internet is the obvious result of a society that does not have a healthy moral compass, and a clear example why women should not be involved in the public sphere except in a limited, controlled fashion. Women, like Jews, thrive on self-deception, and they would rather spread their harmful choices to others than admit their own guilt. A woman who helps to break up other families by spreading feminist domestic violence and divorce propaganda is doing the Jews’ work for them.

      • Anonymous says:

        The The Ugly Truth(MarkGlenn)/ProThink(MikeDelaney) Drama Continues:


        Note: This author was censored by the “Editor” of The Ugly Truth for attempting to post the following reply yesterday (4/23/2012) to Comment#40:

        *   *   *   *

        Dear Editor [Mark Glenn?],

        Thank you for your belated (over 1 month) reply to my 2 simple yes or no questions which were originally posted at:
        (Comment #11)

        Conveniently Reproduced Here:

        So basically The Ugly Truth knows 100% for a fact that the real ZCF is still alive? Yes / No

        If yes, could you at least find out if the real ZCF is in fact the author of the hottest/newest book about 9/11 to be found on the net here:


        If yes to any of the above, please provide any evidence that was used to support your answers.

        In Reply You [Editor of The Ugly Truth] Stated:

        This is going to be the last time I deal with this and then after that I am going to ban your ip from commenting further– I DON’T KNOW THE STATUS OF ZCF. I DON’T KNOW IF HE IS DEAD OR ALIVE. I DON’T KNOW IF HE WAS ASSASSINATED OR IF AT THIS VERY MOMENT HE IS DRINKING BEER AND HAVING A GOOD TIME WITH SOME BEAUTIFUL WOMAN. DON’T BRING IT UP AGAIN.

        So basically The Ugly Truth network does not know if the real ZCF is still alive. Thus, The Ugly Truth cannot confirm that the real ZCF is in fact the author of the hottest/newest book about 9/11 to be found on the net:


        If he is not, then who is?

        There appears to be a story in there somewhere.

        Perhaps other fans of The Ugly Truth would agree?

        *   *   *   *

        • Anonymous says:

          Made a Typo in the Date’s Year.

          Should have read 2013, not 2012- Corrected Below:

          Note: This author was censored by the “Editor” of The Ugly Truth for attempting to post the following reply yesterday (4/23/2013) to Comment#40:

  7. Johnd414 says:

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