Andrew Anglin of Total Fascism and Mike Delaney of Prothink: Charlatans

I posed a question to Andrew Anglin of in the comment section of the following piece:

Andrew had said the following: “Charles Giuliani is probably not a Jew, probably not any sort of disinformation agent, he is simply emotionally unstable and very confused.  The fact remains, however, that I have no desire to be associated with him or his flop-flopping gibberish or bizarre displays of womanish emotionality, and that I think what he is doing cannot be construed as positive or helpful.”

Now let me explain why the question I asked is important. If Andrew is an HONEST man, then he will apply his criticisms CONSISTENTLY. If he does not apply his criticisms in a consistent manner, we must doubt his sincerity. After all, if you pick and choose your standards to suit the circumstances, then you’re really just making things up as you go. You’ve already decided “I don’t like this guy, so I’m going to find a reason to bash him.” Honorable men with integrity do not behave this way. Liars behave this way.

Here is what I posted. That it was removed almost immediately tells me a lot about this Andrew fellow.

“If this is your stance I suggest you apply it evenly and distance yourself from Mike Delaney, who is a buffoon lacking integrity. His recent behavior is entirely incompatible with white manhood. Not only did he steal the work of two valuable contributors, but he has repeatedly prevented readers from viewing their work, instead auto-redirecting to his websites so he can get more donations. Mike Delaney cares more about making money and being a petty, passive-aggressive jerk, than he does this movement. He is worse than a Jew; at least a Jew does not betray his OWN race.

Since Delaney appears to enjoy whimsically making and unavailable, I’ve linked the Wayback Machine copies of these sites on my website. These versions provide copies of the websites unadulterated by Delaney’s childish, dishonorable actions.

I guarantee we will see no results as long as charlatans like Mike Delaney have a following. We need respectable white men with honor and integrity who put the movement first, not asinine drama queens who think this movement and the material created by those within it are playthings for their amusement.”

Would a man who genuinely cares about the truth remove this comment? Would he support Mike Delaney at any cost, or would he value the truth, the MOVEMENT, more? Would he censor criticism, or respond to it openly and honestly?

I think you know the answer.

If not, take a look at these two, Mike Delaney and Andrew Anglin. Judge a book by its cover:

You know what I see? I see a grinning buffoon and a thug who’s trying his best to look “hard”. If I met these two in the street and therefore had to prejudge the threat level, I’d say Mike looks like the kind of guy who likes to start trouble, a loud-mouthed bully. Andrew looks like the kind of guy you’ve got to keep an eye on, someone you can’t trust, with his cold dead eyes and expressionless face.

I trust my instincts. Mike Delaney and Andrew Anglin are not allies. They are opportunists. They want money, not results. Entertainment, not solutions. Drama, not meaningful action. Struggle, not victory. Delaney’s recent betrayal of prominent members of our community and Anglin’s whitewashing prove it.

I can’t help thinking these guys are a caricature of what “Neo-Nazis” are supposed to look like. With some of the tripe Andrew spits out, I don’t believe he’s genuinely got our best interests in mind. He’s an entertainer, not a believer. A rabble-rouser, not a problem solver. We won’t win this war with platitudes.

I am not a liar. I am an honorable man. I tell the truth. But you don’t know that yet. So keep your eyes open, because I’m right about these two charlatans, who feel such a need to censor those who hold them accountable for badgering our allies.

Mike, Andrew, don’t even try to claim victimhood. The Jews already tried that trick.

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49 Responses to Andrew Anglin of Total Fascism and Mike Delaney of Prothink: Charlatans

  1. j3133 says:

    Andrew Anglin certainly did not like my article exposing Delaney and him.

    He’s responded with a very passive-aggressive article in which he subtly insinuates that anyone who is anonymous and dares point out his poor behavior or that of Delaney’s is a “bad guy”:

    You can trust good ol’ boys Delaney and Anglin though. They’re the good guys!

    According to Anglin, however, guys like ZCF and myself are “cowards” because we choose not to reveal our true identities to Jews and “good guys” like Mike Delaney, who has betrayed at least three prominent contributors already.

    The More You Know….

    John Alan Martinson. Betrayed by Mike Delaney.

    Zion Crime Factory’s writer. Betrayed by Mike Delaney.

    Jewish’s writer. Betrayed by Mike Delaney.

    And Andrew Anglin is right there, side by side with Delaney, deleting comments pointing out Delaney’s inexcusable behavior, deleting comments which make it clear Andrew himself is a hypocrite who does not hold his buddy Delaney to the same standard he presumes to hold us to.

    Check out Andrew’s article. Read between the lines.

    • there is a decent chance they are all coopted, those you mention. The protocols says only allow coopted dissent to participate- I believe our movement is totally coopted. It’s hard to even see how Martinson with his professed beliefs could ever associate in a serious way with Delaney- martinez-Fuerza, too!


    You can’t trust Delaney — for anything.

    Apparently this 40-year-old punk with his inadequate G.E.D. education deleted ZCF’s pages from public view when asked by me and others to do the right thing and remove ZCF’s stolen intellectual property from his website. But equally apparently anyone can find ZCF’s work if he just does a search on the website.

    After all that writing of emails I and others did, we only got Delaney merely to pretend he was capable of doing the right thing! Delaney knows, it’s all about appearances, folks! It’s only appearances that count — not the truth, not reality.

    Isn’t it fitting that this punk’s response to a moral — and legal — matter such as was ZCF’s request for him to be an honest man and delete what was not his to display or own from the website was merely to hide the treasures he had stolen and stuff them in the back closet of his website, so to speak, away from plain sight of the public but still available to the public — for a profit? Work that was and is not his own and that he never paid for?

    This dim-witted criminal says in video and elsewhere that he’s not in this “movement” for profit. Ha! He believes he can say BS to everyone’s face. How dare he con the public and betray White people by stating he is a man of his word! This overt ingrate is a conniving profiteer, a liar, and a hypocrite! And I and you know we’re only scratching the surface here!

    I posted my angry comment on his website and I know it will remain “awaiting moderation” until this criminal is gone and his website is made defunct.

    • ZCF morphed into Brandon Martinez with Delaney’s help. In fact non of the folks in the elite media mention this change. I consider that fight Zander’s excuse to disappear and become Brandon and go to non-aligned media and see if you can get him to acknowledge he was ZCF. Also, his enemy at ZCF, Joshua Blakenly is now his partner

      • Etta says:

        That’s a brilliant answer to an intetesring question

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  3. Gasse-Geir says:

    People who propagate “brutal extremism” are *not* doing us any good. And Prothink: His websites are just videos. Laziness.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Andrew Anglin Expose Intelligence Dossier Here:

    Jailbait is slang[1] for a minor who is younger than the legal age of consent for sexual activity, but physically mature enough to be mistaken for an adult, with the implication that a non-deviant older person might find them sexually attractive.[2] Andre Anglin Drunk out of his mind

  5. AndrewAnglin says:

    Andre Anglin’s Father Greg Anglin Admit They Are Both Pedophiles

  6. Andre Anglin and Mike Delaney are both charlatans, and they need to be exposed for the degenerate filth that they are.

  7. Gasse-Geir says:

    I think you’re overdoing it a bit here, folks. And calling someone a pedophile is not a very nice thing to do.

    • Both Andrew Anglin and his father admit openly and are recorded as confirming that they are unashamedly pedophiles, Andrew Anglin even suggests that pedophila should be enforced by state law according to his own political manifesto.

      • Durr says:

        I don’t think his father “admitted” anything. That was obviously ironic answer. I would be a lot more doubtful if he had denied it. Failed anon fucker.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Andrew shares his “deep” knowledge about jews.

    [audio src="" /]

  9. Dave says:

    St. Andrew the salvation peddler is now asking for money so that he can spew his ongoing nonsense and go to Europe. Give me a break people, will the Aryan ever learn?

  10. kdkid14 says:

    Adolph Hitler did not gas the Jews, Andrew Anglin speaks as though he would have.

  11. Dave says:

    LOL, Anglin suffers from “The God Virus” which explains his dillusional thinking and writing.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Mike Delaney has been exposed as a “shill” or disinformation years ago, along with Eric Hufschmid and Christopher Bollyn. Don’t trust anything either of them says.

    In fact, don’t trust anything anyone says. Do your own research. Think for yourself.

  13. chris says:

    don’t forget about there buddy john friend. who deletes my comments that question his intention. Now he is begging for money. how are these guys able to continue paying bills with no jobs? seems to me these guys are all plants to subvert any white awakening. Also odd isn’t it how they all appear on the scene within a certain timeframe of each other. Andre has been around for awhile now. he has admitted to being a Jesuit multiple times. he admitted it to me on comments on his old outlaw fo ru m… John is not trustworthy either, as these two clowns appear on his show. Plus Friends link and supports that moron Jeff rense…another rabbit hole with all these fools

  14. white power 88 says:

    Why would an honorable white man true to the movement try to add more splinters to the tree that is the white movement. I smell a rat. Andrews in Greece standing against the Asian invasion of our homelands. What are you doing to help the Aryan Race, attacking fellow whites. And you claim to not betray your own race. I know Jews that make more sense than you!

    • j3133 says:

      I owe my homage to truth. Whites are more likely to do the same. Especially Germans, like me.

      White trash isn’t any better than black trash or Jew trash.

      Of course, if all whites did as I said rather than clinging to silly delusions, they’d be ruling the world right now. So it isn’t me who’s doing the “betraying”.

    • spaniard88 says:

      Dude Andrew anglin is punk, just because he travels Europe doesn’t make him a great man.

  15. Truthseeker says:

    Is the videp of Anglins father being called and talking about pedophiloa still available anywhere?

  16. Toofer says:

    Everyone is a liar in this bullshit game. You’re a liar too. Why should I believe any of you dumb fucks? Just don’t donate money to ANYONE. No one honestly needs it to propogate so called truth. If you donate money to someone on the internet. You are a fucking idiot. Never do it. They aren’t starving. If they start asking for money. Then you know they are exploiting something for money. End of story.

    Andrew Anglin
    6827 N. High Street, Suite 121
    Worthington, Ohio

    ” the 16 year old was one of his fathers therapy clients that was unstable and later committed suicide.”

    OFFICE PHONE : 614.436.1800



    Larry S. August 05, 2012 Beware, very bad ★☆☆☆☆ Beware. Although Greg seems very gifted and insightful at

    first, he only made things worse. He exploits your weaknesses to cause more pain thus justifying the need for

    more frequent sessions and to make sure you need to keep coming back. He tried to break up our marriage by

    giving me instructions that would aggravate the problem rather than try to fix it. It took a suicide attempt to

    get my wife to realize what he was doing was wrong. Spent months with a psychologist just getting back to where

    we started and are now finally making some progress. Say away from this one. He is an unlicensed pastoral

    counselor that does not report to anyone so you cant even complain about him short of filing a lawsuit. He does

    not accept insurance and is absolutely terrible at billing and documentation. I would not recommend him to

    anyone for any reason. My recommendation is to stay away

  18. Andrew Anglin a white nationalist?
    Start at the 37 minute mark.
    Andrew Anglin says:
    “I’m only attracted to black girls”
    At around 37-38 mark:
    “That’s racist! How are you gonna say Phillipinos are weak because of their genetics?”
    At 2:16:00:
    “mixed races would be a positive progression for everyone”
    “I think the white race should be bred out.”
    At 2:08:00:
    “white people went around the whole world and fucked everybody”
    At the 2 hr mark he says:
    “They’re always killing black people they’re always killing Indians.”
    Wow he must’ve said “Jews are smarter than us” over a million times in this interview.

  19. Andre Anglin and father Greg Anglin admit they are pedophiles

    video above

  20. Pepe says:

    Andrew anglin not even white, his eyes are Mongoloid and his nose and lips are Negroid!

    • silly wonka says:

      Totally!!!! He is being very cagey about his own racial DNA, but his own features are quite obviously negroid, with Asiatic eye fold.

      He and his fanboys claim “it’s just a genetic fluke, like being left handed”..LOL LOL!!!

      That’s why he won’t take a DNA test.

  21. from Dailystormer comments section:

    February 25, 2014 at 11:03 am

    Hmm. The first comment from Osiris was very good. I see this site will soon send only low-level-propaganda

    Citizen of the Former Republic of Finland
    February 25, 2014 at 11:07 am

    Censoring comments is not good

    Päpy is from Finland like myself and here in Finland we say VITTU MITÄ PASKAA to censoring comments

    I think I leave this sinking Jew vessel of a website if censorship continues
    Andrew Anglin
    February 25, 2014 at 2:57 pm

    Well, you’re both banned.

    What kind of an asshole would I be if I tolerate abuse and accusations of being a Jew on my own website, fellas?

    If you’re looking for total freedom to express yourselves, maybe check into this:

    This is a fascist website.”

  22. stressedoutidealist says:

    The Man Who Did’nt Believe In General Electric! ~in the octagon: scott roberts vs. andrew anglin:

  23. cheap Chargers jerseys china are at super low price and good quality

  24. Anonymous says:

    Here are a few videos about Andrew Anglin the Albino Midget Troll and the deranged Mike Delaney Shill.

    Gook Puke with Andre

    The Alternative Media is full of paid operatives and mentally ill defectives. Mike Delaney is a shill constantly pushing belief in official israeli narrative. His albino shill midget troll malaysian compatriot does the same thing. Deanna Spingola does the same thing. Most of the people at AFP do the same thing. Lots of shills out there.

  25. Odinia says:

    I don’t know who you are but I agree. Both of these people must either work for the Jews or be doing what they do for some cause other that helping Europeans fight Jews. Delaney has taken my videos and thrown me off of trutube, called me foul names behind my back, and posted a 16 minute video calling me a “stupid f@cking whore” which was reposted with the help of Christian Identity, Heathens United Against Racism, some Odinic Rite admins, Ron McVan, and AFA members, all working TOGETHER. All of this is apparently because I am an Odinist. The Daily Stormer (Andrew Anglin) site tries to demonize our native European religion and promote Jew worship and also posted foul abuse of me repeatedly while removing my rational and polite responses. It seems to be some sort of attempt to turn white men against white women too and make women the enemy rather than the Jew. If anyone here is not a Jew or working for them please get in touch, at odinia at I need help fighting them and spreading the work I do for our folk and we need more Odinist groups.

  26. Ben says:

    Linder has more brains then Anglin. He’s really a non-starter from the beginning. He can only go as far as his i.q. That site has probably peaked already.

    Linder is a non-starter too, obviously. Too erratic, too men. He’s got the Napoleon complex, for sure. Anglin probably does too.

    The Mongoloid Furher, Anglin.

  27. Ben says:

    Meant to say Linder is too MEAN. Not MEN; hell that’s obvious by looking at him.

  28. I know I’m late to this party but I have been critiquing Andrew myself at
    I consider the whole, movement led by co-opted opposition including Fuerza-Martinez. I am into fighting Jewish power 1st before worrying about all the white only stuff which I consider a distraction as is the feminist role obsessions of many whites. Race nor feminism is possible to solve with the Jew in power -I linked your site-take care!

  29. crotemplar says:

    Andrew Anglin is pedophile midget mongol ,I read on Russian NS forum he is on black list ,hope they will beat him one day because he is pedophile and spreading propaganda about Russia NS.

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