Trust Your Instincts

The modern world tells us: ignore your instincts, we have “progressed” past them. Instead, trust what we TELL you. Think what we TELL you to think. Don’t think for yourself. Don’t act decisively; instead, find excuses not to act at all! Don’t judge a book by its cover. Race is only skin deep. Prejudice is bad.

How much time have you spent in the last year arguing with people to try to CONVINCE them of what is so perfectly clear to you? Things which you almost know intuitively, yet struggle to explain because it is so perfectly obvious to you on an instinctive level?

Go ahead. Try to do something different in your life, something unexpected. Watch as everyone around you tries to tell you you’re making a mistake. They ask “Why?” And you try to explain it to them, to JUSTIFY your actions to them to gain their approval. Do you think men of action used to sit around, waiting to act until everyone surrounding them finally came to a democratic decision, approved by the men and women of the tribe, after hours of debate and discussion?

Hell no! Leaders don’t need explicit approval of their followers – their followers trust them, that’s why they’re leaders! Men don’t need the approval of their mothers or wives to know what needs to be done and to do it. Men trust their instincts, they are comfortable with their own sanity, and they do what they KNOW must be done, without spending ages second-guessing themselves or allowing people, who have no business telling them what to do, to demand approval before they act!

Get past your modern conditioning. You don’t need approval from your auntie or your “caring wife” who would seek to stifle your every attempt to break free from your shackles. Trust yourself. Learn as much as you can, test yourself. Knowledge and experience grant confidence. You will know what you must do before you even have a chance to think about it consciously. I know I do.

Judge a book by its cover. Does that guy you like to read who says such smart things have an honest face? Or does he look like a jerkoff? Would YOU really want to hang out with him? Or her?

We instinctively gravitate toward people like ourselves. I’m a good person. I know what a good person looks like.

And believe me, there are some real jerks ’round these parts. Some real frauds. Untrustworthy schemers. They try to cover it up, though. Some cover it up with humor. Some cover it up by pretending to be “hard”. Some cover it up with snide passive-aggressive comments or actions.

It’s all so obvious to me. It should be obvious to you as well, if you let yourself see it.

Our enemies have been conditioning us not to trust our instincts for ages. Anyone who resists is deemed one or more of the following: crazy, racist, homophobic, sexist. It’s quite effective, isn’t it?

They don’t want us aware. They don’t want us awake. They want us to second-guess ourselves. To fail to make decisions. To fail to act.

Trust your instincts. Trust yourself.

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4 Responses to Trust Your Instincts

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  3. Anonymous says:

    Some of the most beautiful books that I’ve ever read came with tattered and homely covers…

    For the most part though…

    Hear! Hear!

    I’m involved with people who add to my life, and I’m independent of those who would take from it.”

       — Harry Browne, How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World ©1973

    • j3133 says:

      True, though it applies better to books than it does people.

      Indeed, I care far more about what’s inside a person than what’s outside, but the outside is often a very good indicator of what’s inside. I would much rather be with a woman, for example, who is a good person but not extremely physically attractive, than with a woman who is hot but a bitch. In fact, I have always been this way, and this inclination has only deepened as I’ve aged, so much so that a woman with a shitty personality, no matter how hot she is, is extremely unattractive to me.

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