Prothink Mike Delaney Admits He is a Dangerous Fanatic on a Power-Trip — Threatens Violence Against ZCF

The writer for the amazing website Zion Crime Factory, whose website was stolen and then deleted by Mike Delaney of Prothink, has written another post on his new site. Note: You can still read the archive of ZCF’s brilliant website here. ZCF’s work was arguably the best introduction to the “truth” movement available on the Internet.

According to ZCF’s piece, Delaney is a lunatic thug who fantasizes about kicking white kids’ teeth in. I’m not at all surprised, as this is completely in line with my assessment of his character.

Here’s the article:

We don’t need immature bullies like this in our movement. In fact we need them OUT of our movement. Mike Delaney and his pals like Andrew Anglin over at have proven they are not leaders and never can be. What kind of “ally” steals and then deletes arguably the most valuable resource in our movement? It’s not just petty, it’s plain evil.

As long as whites join up with these “men”, who emulate so perfectly the mentality and behavior of violent black thugs who every day commit atrocious crimes against innocent white men, women, and children in multicultural dystopias like the United States and South Africa, we play right into the hands of our enemies. We are better than that. Aren’t we?

Jews and their allies want us to follow these brutish unthinking cretins right into the gutter. As long as we follow these weak-minded, senselessly violent thugs, we will never stand a chance against our real enemies.

We need to start talking about real solutions instead of lining up to follow fools who DO NOT HAVE solutions, who spend their time playing petty games with OUR FUTURE.

Here’s what I think we need to do to win this war. Let’s TALK about it.

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