What I’m About

I’m a truth teller. My focus is on telling the truth about what our problems really are AND how we SOLVE those problems. My focus is on our people and the direction we take as a community. If we take the wrong path, we doom ourselves to failure, we deny ourselves a future.

I wrote my first piece about a set of values and truths we should promote, for these VALUES and TRUTHS are our greatest weapons against the Jew and his evil allies. They are the antithesis of Jews’ greatest weapons: degeneracy and lies.

Recently I’ve been focusing on attacking some of our enemies who claim to be allies. This is no petty game for me. This is necessary action. I take no joy in exposing these frauds for what they are, but it must be done because they are leading us astray, they are tearing us apart. It must be said because it is the TRUTH and because they do not have righteous VALUES.

We live in a world built on lies. We must fight these lies with the truth. If we try to emulate Jews by trying to manipulate people with lies to get them to join us, we are guaranteed to lose. The Jews will always win when the victor is determined by who LIES best, by who is most dishonorable and least virtuous.

Our virtues are our STRENGTH! Our virtues are the very reason Jews hate us, because they recognize instinctively that they cannot create a horrific global slave world built on a foundation of lies as long as there are men and women like you and me around to expose these lies. That is why they strive so hard to silence us and corrupt our values.

THAT is why Jews have sought to eradicate whites. They have already murdered millions of our best men and women. We are what remains. And soon they will eradicate us too, IF we let them.

If we lie. If we aren’t virtuous. If we blind ourselves to harsh truths and attack our people who dare to expose them. IF we don’t learn how to behave like the glorious noble people we have been and MUST BE NOW. Then we shall surely lose. Then we shall surely die.

So my intention here is to tell the truth, to expose lies, to focus on the path forward, on HOW we solve this problem. I don’t know that I have all the answers. I am no master strategist. I am probably not a great leader.

But I do know that TRUTH and VALUES are the vital core of our power. With these we will attract great allies from every walk of life.

I don’t think I’ll spend much more time on the Delaney/Anglin thing. I’ve already said all that needs to be said on the topic. And I have more important things to do now.

I wish to spend my time sharing my knowledge, but I must also build upon my own knowledge, because although I understand the foundation of our community is truth and values, I don’t know yet how we translate this into real world action.

I’m going to learn what I can from the following:

Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf

Dr. William Pierce’s Hunter and The Turner Diaries

Henry Ford’s The International Jew

Kevin MacDonald’s The Culture of Critique

And more.

I will share with you what I learn.

I’ll leave you with a quote from Dr. William Pierce’s essay, Our Biggest Mistake. I’ve only just begun reading Pierce and already it’s clear he had his shit together.

Back to the differences between Jews and Gentiles: I mentioned inborn differences, but we shouldn’t ignore the cultural differences, especially as expressed in religious differences. The Jews’ religion is an expression of their racial character. It grew out of their character over a very long period of time. The Jews look back on nearly 6,000 years of history. To them this is the year 5762, and in fact, Jewish religious books actually are being printed now with this date in them. Of course, it’s really their tribal history they trace back that far. It would be more accurate to say that their religion, in its present form, is about 3,000 years old. But the fact is that it is their tribal religion. They developed it themselves. It was never imposed on them from outside. And it is an intensely ethnocentric religion, a religion for Jews only.

Compare that with the two other Semitic religions, Islam and Christianity, both of which are universalist. Muslims and Christians believe that their religion is for everyone. Anyone, regardless of race, who professes belief, can be a Christian or a Muslim. Christians send out missionaries to convert the heathens–especially Black, Brown, and Yellow heathens. When Jews send out missionaries, it is only to bring strayed Jews back into the fold, never to convert those who are not already members of the “chosen” race. The Jewish religion reinforces character traits which already are embedded in the Jewish genotype. Neither Islam nor Christianity can do that to the same degree, because they didn’t develop indigenously. They were imposed by fire and sword on non-Semitic peoples.

My point is that Judaism strengthens and reinforces the traits that led Michael Milken, Andy Fastow, and Gary Winnick to be so enormously successful at getting other people’s money into their pockets, but the traits were already there. They were born with them. And I can think of no Gentile who has been as successful at that sort of thing: that is at fast patter and sleight of hand, at selling myths for hard cash. And the reason is not just because of a religious difference. As I said, Jews and Gentiles are different, just as men and women are different, just as Whites and Blacks and Asians are different.

In some cases, these differences are a good thing, and they work well together: as in the case of men and women, for example. As long as we have a properly structured society that takes account of these differences, a society that permits men and women to complement one another in a natural way rather than forcing them into unnatural competition, then the differences make us strong and healthy.

When we pretend that the differences don’t exist, however, as between Gentiles and Jews or between Whites and Blacks, we leave ourselves open to very bad and unhealthy things. In the case of Jews we leave ourselves open to exploitation of the sort we have just discussed. We pretend that there is no difference between them and us, and so we aren’t expecting to be exploited. Our guard is down. And then we are exploited. In the case of Blacks and Whites, pretending that the only difference is in the color of our skin has led us into an enormous disaster. It is destroying America and our people and our civilization. It has made wastelands of large sections of our cities. It has devastated our schools and robbed many of our young people of an education of the quality they need to make the most of themselves. It has exposed our people to the sort of criminal violence that is natural for Blacks but not for us. It has cost us many, many more billions of dollars in welfare programs and law enforcement than even Michael Milken and his fellow tribesmen have swindled from us.

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2 Responses to What I’m About

  1. I have also recently discovered Dr. Pierce and am really enjoying his writings. We need more like this, not a bunch of divide and conquer artists.

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