Yes, I’m still around

No, I won’t be updating frequently. Plenty of material is linked in the sidebar for readers to peruse.

Here are a few things I found interesting lately:

Jewish self-deception by Kevin MacDonald

A quote, I don’t remember where from:

Martin Luther seems to have had an inkling of the true nature of the Jew when he said: “How the Jews love the Book of Esther, which is so suitable to their bloodthirsty, revengeful, murderous appetite and hopes. The sun has never shone on such a bloodthirsty and revengeful people, who fancy themselves to be the chosen people so that they can murder and strangle the heathen.” (From the Erlangen edition of Luther’s Table Talks, Vol. XXXII, p. 120.)”

Jews, Injuns, and the Republican Party by Shaun Walker (how the Jews control Native American gambling casinos)

From :

Jews are not descendants of the tribe of Judah: the “great mass” of so-called Jews are not Hebrews or even Semites but Sephardim (Canaanites) or Ashkenazim (Khazars). Too often the word “J_E_W” is loosely used to encompass Hebrews, Israelites and Judahites, which most so-called Jews are not. Here Brother Bosworth is using the word “Jew” as a synonym for the descendants of Judah, which is it not. The word refers to any resident of Judea regardless of their race or religion. There was no such word of this spelling before the 16th century AD, and in common usage this new word has a meaning contrary to the Scriptural words it has replaced.

From Henry Ford’s The International Jew:

Readers of Gibbons’ “Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire” will recall that in Volume 1, Chapter 16, he wrote severe words about the cruelty of the Jews. It will be agreed that only records of the most staggering cruelty could have driven the calm historian to the use of such terms. Readers will also observe, in the passage herewith quoted, that the desire for “the empire of the earth” which actuated the Jews of that period is the same as that discovered in the Protocols: “From the reign of Nero to that of Antonius Pius, the Jew discovered a fierce impatience of the dominion of Rome, which repeatedly broke out in the most furious massacres and insurrections. Humanity is shocked at the recital of the horrid cruelties which they committed in the cities of Egypt, of Cyprus and of Cyrene, where they dwelt in the treacherous friendship with the unsuspecting natives; and we are tempted to applaud the severe retaliation which was exercised by the arm of the legions against a race of fanatics, whose dire and credulous superstitions seemed to render them the implacable enemies not only of the Roman Government, but of human kind. The enthusiasm of the Jews was supported … by the flattering promise which they derived from their ancient oracles, that a conquering Messiah would soon arise, destined to break their fetters and to invest the favorites of heaven with the empire of the earth.”

In footnotes to this passage, Gibbons gives revolting details of the methods used by the Jews of that period.

Martin Lindstedt (a rather cryptic fellow) discusses Jews masquerading as white nationalists and Christian Identity adherents, controlled opposition, meant to keep those who resist Jewish evil confused and therefore impotent.

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