Join up or give up?

I’m having quite an enlightening conversation with commenter “L” in the Quick Update thread. He states:

“the exploitation of christianity … yes i agree it had vulnerable elements, but it makes me think that really practically all systems do, all can be manipulated by liberalism…”

My response follows:

True. Really, Christianity WAS the exploitation, it was the campaign that Jews used to infect the masses, just like liberalism and Communism were. Rome was vulnerable because of the value system they had. Now, Judaism is not vulnerable in this way, at least as long as Jews are made to perceive a threat from non-Jews. It gives them a shared purpose and it makes them hate non-Jews and Jews who try to break from the system, so much that they see them as less than human, which guarantees only a very small number will mix with the wrong sort of folk and cause trouble. It probably requires a hierarchy in which there are the ruling elite, the lesser elite, and on down to the least of the Jews, but because of this it would need to be somewhat deceptive even to the Jews themselves. It requires very serious, intelligent men at the top, who probably remain fairly hidden to the masses, because when the true elite is known they are vulnerable to those who wish to upset the system. Without the wise elite at the top, mistakes are bound to be made by the lesser masses, and this sort of dissent would have to be bred out over time. If you allow the masses to actually participate in the governing process, it’s quite inefficient and leads only to disaster. It’s the same reason marriage doesn’t work unless one spouse submits to the other’s will. It explains the situation today with Judaism, and with Democracy in general, quite well.

To defeat a system like this, you would have to find a way to convince the masses that their elite are wronging them somehow and that it would be better for them in the long run to cast aside their allegiance to the elite. I’ve been thinking lately that the most effective way to resist the Jews would actually be to focus on convincing the Jews themselves, the Jewish masses, rather than expecting the “Gentiles” to foot the bill. If there is more hatred of the Jews as a race, the elite Jews are fine with that to some degree, as long as it is controlled, because that just creates more resistance in the souls of Jews, as they perceive themselves to be attacked. That’s one reason the Holocaust myth is powerful for the Jews, not just because it makes them into victims but because it makes them vengeful – a lot of them today actually really think it happened. And websites regarding elite Jews’ crimes probably just make their masses more determined to fight us.

In the end, whoever manipulates best and works together toward a goal (a conspiracy) best will gain the most power, whether “Jewish” or not. I think this would explain quite well why some “Gentiles” are deep in the NWO schemes, because they are the same, and therefore beneficial in the long scheme of things. And I can see how these elite would scorn those of us who cling to values like truth and honesty, because these simply may not work in the long scheme of things. They wouldn’t have much respect for those who don’t seek and gain power effectively through the use of manipulative tools like money, without doing real work. Not only does it demonstrate intelligence and understanding, but it demonstrates the drive for power, the drive to survive and rule, the ability to communicate and manipulate others and to work within tight-knit social hierarchies, to play that game.

This would tend to indicate that the best option for survival would be to become one of the schemers. I imagine it is actually quite amusing to do so, quite interesting, and sporting. But rather than playing a video game and kicking other people’s asses in trollish ways, you’re doing it in real life for a real purpose in the real world.

Now wouldn’t it be something to manipulate the manipulators using this knowledge? I don’t know that that’s really possible. Perhaps the only real path for those seeking to survive is to demonstrate one’s value to the current world leadership, the elite, by becoming a manipulative schemer oneself and possessing the genius to be able to do so.

It’s more likely you’ll have those traits if you’re in business, if your parents were in business, etc. down the line. Business is just the art of manipulating other people out of their wealth, their time, their energy. Judaism made a game of it, made business the sort of thing a Jew would love, because it provides an opportunity to really stick it to the “other”. It becomes a game of sport. And over time, those who are good at it will have children who are even better at it, because they will mate with others who are good at business, and they will share knowledge and teach their children from an early age. And so they will improve.

But if you’re really just in it to survive and thrive, why would you really care about being loyal to something as arbitrary as race? You’d only be interested in finding people who are as good at scheming, at business, as you are. And especially if inbreeding would become a problem over time, you would make an effort to breed with others who have the same goals in mind, but it wouldn’t necessarily matter what race they are, as long as they are thoroughly vetted. Perhaps this is why Jews are such mixtos, the Jew-curls and shit – because it never really was about race but about the shared goal of survival.

And that would tend to indicate that race, though a factor, isn’t the only requirement to join up with the “NWO” – ability and commitment are very important as well. Really, unless there was a serious flaw in the character of an individual or his family members, something that would be a worry, race only matters in the sense that it, too, is an indication of heritage, of ancestral business sense and drive. It’s just the difference between excelling at these skills for a few generations vs. a few dozen generations.

And if you were the elite, you would be hesitant to join up with those whose ancestors haven’t demonstrated their ability in this area, because if they haven’t there’s less of a chance they’d really be that committed to it. Kind of like how the Freemasons work, with the hidden levels at the top, based on the history of your family’s commitment.

This could explain why much of the leadership of various individual nations around the world is so willing to join up with the “NWO”. It would also explain why people, regardless of race, might be quite happy to act as controlled opposition. In the end, it benefits them personally, their survival. And resistance certainly must seem futile. Perhaps, even, it is futile.

If that’s all true then there’s really not much point in discussing the truth of things and trying to fight what’s coming. The better strategy would be to join up. People do it every day, in little ways, like when they sign up to kill Muslims. They want to be a part of the winning team. That’s all that matters to them. They, too, choose survival over what is today considered “moral”.

And if that’s the case, then a true morality would be to serve oneself. The willingness to do anything and everything to survive. Greed. Selfishness. Survival of the fittest. I suppose that’s what this is all about.

“How often it is that the angry man rages denial of what his inner self is telling him.” –  Frank Herbert’s Dune

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10 Responses to Join up or give up?

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  2. gercelti says:

    Survival? You mean trying to extend your heart beats till it stops? Giving up righteousness?
    In this 3D illusion.
    When we enter into a body it is our first death.
    And wanting to compete with the conniving Jew will result in a second death.
    Good luck with that!

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  4. Jeremiah says:

    A reply to Stop Chasing Ghosts’s article: Do what you think is right.

    • Jeremiah says:

      StopCG, I’d like to chat with you sometime, catch up. Get a hold of me here if you can. Thanks, bye.

    • Jeremiah says:

      Also, I don’t trust MGTOW. The proper thing for a man to do is to learn enough to have a family and protect them from the dangers we face. Be fruitful and multiply.

      • I don’t know who the fuck you are, dude.

        And, yeah, being fruitful and multiplying has done wonders for the world. Not! Dude, put down the Jew book.

        Also, there’s nothing to trust about MGTOW, because it is not a group of people. It is a lifestyle. It is a lifestyle to protect you from the dangers you face. Who cares about others and potential, future children? I think you mean that you disagree with it, and that is simply your subjective interpretation of it.

        You are in denial of your true purpose as a man in society. and the nature of the court system with regards to marriage law.

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