The Game of Life

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So why are we really here? Is it about truth or just that we don’t enjoy the way the game (of life) is played today? Everyone wants to be entertained, it’s all really a game. The people who aren’t inclined to want to participate in the current Judaized, capitalistic game of life which is based on business savvy, or who would never excel at it in the first place even if they were interested, look for other games to play: video games and sports and gossip and social networking for most, but for the few with a desire to change the game of life to suit them better we take other paths, rather than giving up on the game of life we just take a different strategy than most, rather than living by the rules we try to hack the system and change the rules. But the game of life is built on certain laws which, though perhaps technically breakable, would require a monumental restructuring of the makeup of the species to achieve. So is it really effective to try to change the rules? Will the world or the universe ever really stop being effectively a limited resource with different individuals and groups competing for control of this resource? Christianity said no, it gave people the hope of no more competition, no more strife – but if we had nothing to work against, we would just die off, with no will to live. Jews and other like-minded folks realize that you can’t change the system, so you might as well KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) and go with the flow, go with the natural order of things, go with competition, and so they have succeeded. And though they sometimes say that when they are victorious there will be no more wars, that’s a lie too – because if that were to ever be the case, if there were no more reason to compete, then much of humanity would simply die off with no reason to live, as is happening to certain groups now in the US – and whatever small portion was left that still had the will to compete and survive, they would take over the remnants, and it would begin again.

So our effective choices would then be to either play the game of life by the rules we cannot change, or to play other games instead and realize that our lines will eventually die. And by other games I don’t just mean videogames or social networking but other games, too, that seek to take us out of the game of life: like “turtling”, just going out in small communities in the beauty of mother nature and biding our time, focusing on survival knowledge and continuing a struggle against mother nature rather than against other human beings, which for people like us is probably a more enjoyable pursuit (game), but it’s not one that will give us eternal life. And many don’t have the right set of skills to play the game of life by the rules of today or at least the skill to be able to LEARN to play, so they won’t even entertain this option. They are at a disadvantage also because of the wrong things they’ve been taught, and the right things they were never taught – the right mindset, the essential business skills. They’d rather just play the internet complaining game. But with knowledge comes power and those of us who have spent the time learning truths are much closer to being able to play the game of life effectively than those who never took the time to question the way things, to dig deep into the truth to figure out why people have such insensible views about right and wrong today.

I believe the elite at the very top who orchestrate all this don’t abide whatsoever by the delusions of the masses either. How could they? If they were deluded about the truth, they couldn’t make the right decisions, not long term. They also wouldn’t know how to properly deal with each other. If they really thought leftism was “the right thing” then they’d behave the same way in their inner circles, and they’d end up failing because leftism doesn’t work for anyone who embraces it. So for example it makes sense that the Jews would join with the Rockefellers to push false ideologies they knew to be false on the rest of us, like feminism to get more women in the workplace and enrich themselves at our expense. And judging by the appearance of the Rockefellers then and now, it’s clear they mated with a high-ranking Jewish family (Rothschild?) sometime in the near past. See Jay Rockefeller vs. the Rockefellers of old.

Some say perhaps the Rockefellers were always Jews. Some say the same of the Walton family. But it seems to make more sense to me, and to jive with the facts we know, that they mated with similar-minded Jews to solidify their union, a marriage of state: This is consistent with the idea of KISS, because though race is important in determining ability, it would be foolish for reasons I made clear in my last article to refuse to work with the most powerful, like-minded individuals in the world to achieve a shared goal, just because they aren’t of your same race. It would be too arbitrary, and these people have a goal in mind they would like to achieve at any cost. It would be foolish for them to look at race as anything more than another indication of nature, ability, and likelihood of remaining loyal to their cause. They would rather go with the flow, and they’d know that these unions would make them even MORE powerful, not only because of the genetic gains but because of the consolidation of power, so why risk losing your power because you are such a fool as to not join with those at the top like yourself? What would be the gain? You don’t need that in-fighting, and there would be no reason not to WANT to join up with those who have a similar sort of will to power as you do; in fact you’d be bound to create even more effective elites. So although most in the NWO are probably Jews racially (because Judaism trains and creates extremely effective businessman over time), it is not just a Jewish thing. It is more about the character of those involved and the ability. They excel at the game of life, at the game of ruling over humanity effectively.

Do you see any holes in this theory? Do we not do what we do because we wish to win at the game of life? Is not part of our motivation, and especially the motivation of fellows like ZCF who are only in the game for themselves (see Saxon’s comment regarding Bolshevism), to tear down those who oppose us in the game of life?

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One Response to The Game of Life

  1. Hedonism Nihilism Egomania says:

    NO, it’s not a fucking game. This perspective is the epogee of a consumer mentality.

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