Vindictive Jewcunt killed by the king of sausage?

1. On June 21, 2000 Stuart Alexander murdered USDA inspectors Jean Hillery and Thomas Quadros and state FDA inspector William Shaline inside his sausage factory in California.

2. Prior to the murders Stuart had been vocal in the community that he felt the state was harassing him concerning his business. He had convinced a significant portion of the community that this was the governments way of pushing out the “little man.”

Read more:

Just an old story demonstrating the insanity of the modern world.

My comment, which wouldn’t go through:

I find it more likely Jean Hillery was a vindictive bitch who hated anyone who resisted her government-reinforced power trip, and judging by her daughter’s comments I would assume she inherited the same personality trait:

“I’m sorry that he will spend his Christ-less eternity in hell, but my other thought is that we’re so relieved,” said Hillery’s daughter, Sheri Lehman, 38, of Vinton, Iowa.

What a gal!

Here’s a picture of the “victim”:×471.jpg

If you learn to read faces, you can tell she’s the type. Think Judge Judy (Jew-y), that sort of cruel, passive-aggressive authoritarian type.

The ID show proved it. Jean badgered the man over and over again, taunted and harassed him, and this was the result. I have no interest in arguing over “blame”. Actions have consequences. Don’t treat innocent people like shit. It’s really quite simple.

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