This is how Freedom dies

Anonymous Web Host ‘Freedom Hosting’ Owner Arrested:

That happened in August but again, nobody in the “truth movement” gave a fuck, and the FBI falsely labeled him the “largest facilitator of child porn on the planet” (HEADLINE!) so all the do-nothing cowards of the world will avoid defending him.

Where is Eric Eoin Marques now? It’s been three months now. Rotting away in Guantanamo being tortured 24/7 and turned insane? This is what all who resist can expect, and none of you will give a fuck.

Edit: Did a little digging – it’s hard to find updates because they like to keep that sort of thing quiet.

September 11 update:

October 22 update:

A comment thread about what exactly went down when the FBI hacked TOR, and also shows you how easily dumb sheep believe the “child porn” lie:

Easy prediction: Eric will be put away for life or murdered in prison or turned into a vegetable for the crime of resisting Jewish tyranny by providing online anonymity. If he does come through it somehow his psyche will be eternally altered by the realization that the people he tried to help by resisting government tyranny through online anonymity resources turned on him when he needed them most.

No wonder no one resists.

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