I was just thinking that slavery is another great example of modern hypocrisy. People say they’re against it, though they don’t have a good reason why. In reality, they are 100% for slavery, only in certain forms. They love wage slavery, child support slavery, tax slavery, military slavery, and generally slavery to the government in all its forms. They love slavery to a moral system. They love slavery. And why not? Slavery is good. Most people would do better as slaves – for if they’re left to their own devices they do very insensible things. And so they are, even now, enslaved. They are slaves to a job, slaves to a religion, slaves to the media, slaves to Facebook socializing, etc. And so it is easy for the Jews to look down on these fools and slay them mercilessly, for they are little more than beasts full of delusion and hypocrisy, yes?

Originally this was going to be a comment in reply to L on the topic of the Jewish lack of guilt when they kill hypocrites:

From the comment:

“The Law is just a way of trying to get people to do what you want – it is just a very rough, stupid way, and people who are deluded won’t understand that what they are really doing with the law is using proxy violence against those who don’t want to do what they want – and again this is the freedom hypocrisy. And again this is why it’s easy for Jews to kill us because when we are so full of stupidity and delusion and we contradict ourselves but claim to be righteous, we are vermin to them. I know this because I know the hate that comes with trying to deal with hypocrites who can never get past their hypocrisy and see the facts before them, who can never escape the trappings of their minds, who just can’t get past X delusion or Y delusion no matter how much else they can see. They don’t connect the dots in their own minds of why they do what they do, and they don’t want to. They rely on instinct and emotion and the subconscious, they don’t think, they don’t critique, they don’t analyze, they don’t judge, and they don’t even know themselves. It’s disgusting, and I can see why someone would hate them.”

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