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I am a young white man largely of German descent who has spent much of the last five years of my life unabashedly searching for the truth about the modern world, a world in decline, where evil and degeneracy rule, where the sane are considered insane and vice versa. I realized the roots of modern dysfunction were in the “liberalism” of the French Revolution of the late 18th century, the rejection of reality, replacing it with inanity. But for a while I didn’t understand that this revolution, like other instances over the last few millennia where conservative patriarchal cultures that WORKED were replaced with dysfunctional liberalized emasculated cultures that DO NOT WORK, was not a spontaneous grass roots uprising by the “downtrodden” masses, but instead an “astro turf” movement led by evil men and women with a desire to subvert and destroy wholesome traditional culture and thus destroy nations from within.

At first I blamed this on greedy, evil men, bankers, for at first glance these men are the root problem. Only later, after the evidence began to pile up so much that I could not ignore it despite the conditioning to which we are all subjected in the modern world, I realized that it wasn’t just evil men, it wasn’t just bankers, and it wasn’t an inevitable consequence of successful nations to become liberalized, feminized, and eventually to collapse. It was a PLAN, a DESIGN, led always by men and women of Jewish ethnicity.

As I began to investigate the Jewish Question, it became clear that Jews were behind all the great evils of the modern world, all the great atrocities, and that even the “Holocaust” itself was a blatant lie meant to paint the Jews as victims and falsely portray MY race as evil. All throughout history we see “elite” Jews as the face of evil, from American slavery, to the world wars, to the “war on terror”, the truth of the matter is that “elite” Jews led the charge, and “lesser” Jews followed, using their control over the banks, the media, education, politics, and the courts to push the Jewish agenda. And that agenda, outlined in the Jews’ holy book and proven by their behavior, is annihilation of all non-Jews, who Jews refer to as “goyim” (cattle).

Now, if you’re a brainwashed self-hating “liberal”, you might say “so be it”, for perhaps the Jews are superior and deserving of world rule; perhaps they’ve “earned” it. The problem with that is Jews are NOT superior in terms of what really matters: the creation of beauty on earth. Jews seek only destruction, and when we “Gentiles” are vanquished, exterminated or enslaved, it shall be the end of the human race as the Jews turn on one another. All the great music, art, life-saving inventions, and culture that we have created will be gone. Even mother nature’s beauty will be ravished beyond repair. It will be hell on earth. And if it weren’t for the Jews, we could stop it; we could deal with the evil men and women of our own race, and head toward a brighter future.

It may already be too late; the Jews may have already “won”, and the human race may be doomed to extinction. But there is a hope, and to honor the memory of our forefathers, of our people, and to ensure a beautiful world for our children – or the children we could have had in a less degenerate world? – we must strive to solve this grave problem. Nothing else matters. If we stand idly by now, our children will be enslaved and eventually exterminated by this evil. And it won’t just be white people roasting in this holocaust: it will be all of us. That is the truth.

I haven’t tried to convince you here. I’ve only stated the truth. But perhaps you are like me, a truth seeker who needs to examine the facts for himself before he will accept an assertion. Good. All you need do is spend ONE DAY reading the links I’ve provided in the sidebar of my blog, titled “Required Reading”. If you are a man, or woman, who senses that there is something seriously wrong with the world today, you owe it yourself and your family to investigate this matter, and decide for yourself. You owe it to your ancestors, who struggled through hardships over the aeons so that YOU could survive and thrive. To sit idly by and let the beauty that is your race become extinct when you can prevent it, when you can follow in the footsteps of your ancestors, struggling to persevere for the sake of your descendants, for the wonder that is you and yours, for the beauty of humanity – to sit idly by while your children are being set up for genocide is the ugliest thing I can imagine.

To contact me, please post here. I no longer have access to my old e-mail address.


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  1. Jared says:

    This is beautiful. You are such an amazing person.

  2. The thing that is really frightening is that Jewish IQ is (reportedly) higher than Gentiles, and there is a wider IQ gap between Jews and Gentiles than Gentiles and Blacks.

    You are right in that Whites in Western society have made a great advances in technology and medicine. You are also right in saying that Jews destroy what is beautiful. In essence, they are anti-life and therefore ugly.

    What I am figuring out as I continue my quest for ultimate truths is that this whole world is one big damn deception by Jews, and that there has never been absolute freedom and self-determination as long as societies have existed (as far as I know).

    • Ours is the Fury in the Rains of Castamere says:

      I have a high IQ, and I’m Black. I have always tested in the top 99 th percentile in my age group. Not just in my state, but the top 99 th in the entire country.
      The white establishment puts bad schools where brown kids go, and good schools where white kids go. I went to the white schools. Oops.
      It’s nature vs nurture.
      Besides we all came from Africa, we all share 99.8 percent of the same DNA. There is no such thing as race. Race is a modern concept, encouraged by Europeans during the eugenics movement. It was used to raise the white man up above all others.
      You’re problem is that the rest of us are catching up, no longer being held back. The world no longer believes in the supremacy of the white man. I understand that it can be scary to realize you were not born in time to make use of the advantages that came with being white and male.
      The anti semitism I see here is appalling. You will hopefully not continue posting such drivel, as it may in the future come back to haunt you. A future employer may see what you have written here.

      • j3133 says:

        If you’re black and have a high IQ, you are almost guaranteed to be part white. There are also various peoples who are black. Most blacks in America are low IQ much like most blacks in Africa. But there are some black ethnic groups, like those from the Virgin Islands, who are more intelligent than most. And again, most of those are also part white. Hard to find a black person who’s really intelligent who is not.

        We are not all descended solely from Africa. Out of Africa is bunk. This is proven by DNA studies. Whites are not descended from Africans. There is a reason whites have Neanderthal DNA and sub-Saharan Africans do not.

        Race is as real as mother nature. The idea that all are equal is as preposterous as the idea that a snail and an ant are the same.

        What actually happens in communities is whites come to a community and they prosper, then intellectual “blacks” (who are part-whtie) join the community as well, and still things are okay because whites can get along with part-white less-violent more-intelligent blacks. After that, however, your average low-class prone-to-violence black, bred for slave labor, not brains, by Jews in America, moves in, and wreaks havoc on the mostly white community, though crime. It is no coincidence that safe neighborhoods are white neighborhoods. When blacks moves in, theft becomes common, and crime increases. These are just facts. Trying to call me a racist for stating the truth is pretty… silly.

        • Ours is the Fury in the Rains of Castamere says:

          Of course I’m part white. It’s the fault of the slave master who raped my great great grandmother.
          You are wrong about the origins of humanity.
          Homo sapiens came out of Africa, us humans who are alive today.
          Neanderthals had special resistance to diseases that were prevalent in cold environments. It was once thought that they died out but now we are finding that they were bred out. We intermixed with them and our species continued on with better resistance.
          Most people have a small amount of Neanderthal DNA about 2-4 percent.
          White people having more and sub Saharan black Africans having less. But they do have some.
          And if white people are so smart, why am I smarter than most of them?
          Shouldn’t my African blood make me slightly less intelligent?
          You are using eugenics.
          Eugenics is bunk.
          You are racist and if you don’t know that by now, you should be questioning your own intelligence.
          Your hatred of Jews is sickening.
          I stay pissed at the state of Israel for their offenses, but now I have to take a second look.
          You made me question myself. For a second. Then I read more of what you had to say about Jews. And I felt so sorry for you, and your family.
          The night is dark and full of terrors.
          Remember the of fences of your own race before you start pointing out the offenses of
          others. Unless you’re not Christian.
          White men commit the most rapes, serial killings , bombings, domestic violence and sex crimes against children. Black men shoot each other, white men rape babies.

          • j3133 says:

            Would it surprise you that many black female servants and slaves enjoyed having sex with their masters? I suppose it’s easier however for the simple-minded to demonize the ‘evil white man’ for ‘raping’ the surely reluctant and ‘innocent black girl’. Note, however, that your comment has nothing to do with the fact I stated: your purportedly high IQ would be due to your white DNA. So if I were you, I’d say “thank you white master” and “thank you black servant/slave girl” for joining in a union that eventually produced you. Living in hatred of your own ancestors as you do is pretty sad.

            Out of Africa is bunk, as I’ve already stated. We did not all emerge originally from Africa as was previously thought. No, we didn’t all start out as dark low-IQ sub-Saharan Africans. Sorry. The argument is as follows: Low-IQ r-selected homo sapiens (Africans) warred against high-IQ K-selected Neanderthals (whites) and won the battle due to rabbit-like breeding on the part of homo sapiens. Homo sapiens raped Neanderthal woman and over time a few survivors of these unions resulted in the white race, a superior race with high IQ and unique DNA that pure Africans do not possess, granting them higher IQ among other traits. I’m not sure I really buy it fully, but it is clear that pure Africans are genetically quite distant from pure whites. Africans do not possess Neanderthal DNA, only those with some non-African ancestry possess it. And that explains why you may be smarter than your darker, less intelligent, more violent relatives. Heck, even blacks themselves recognize the superiority of those with white DNA, it is why light skin is seen as more attractive even among blacks, it is why black women stay out of the sun. You think I don’t know all about black women? Ha! Sorry, but this “racist” makes friends with people of all races, provided they are good people. Of course, I get along best with certain types of black people, those with white DNA and from superior black ethnic groups like the Akan people, because they tend to be much better people.

            More on genetics is linked at the end of my comment.

            “White men commit the most rapes, serial killings , bombings, domestic violence and sex crimes against children. Black men shoot each other, white men rape babies.”

            This is, of course, false. White communities have very low rates of criminality, whereas blacks have very high rates of criminality. If we look at the per capita crime rates, we see that blacks commit high rates of violent crime and sex crimes. On the other hand, whites commit very few sex crimes. Recall that when I say white, I do not include Jews. Jews like Jerry Sandusky and Roman Polanski are who you should be looking at if you want to talk about pedophilia and child trafficking. Go ahead, look into the child sex abuse industry, and there you will find Jews pulling the strings. Perhaps you should research Serge Gainsbourg and his perverted songs regarding sex with his own child, or the France Gall scandal. Perhaps you should research the Jewish influence over the Catholic church as well, and how this relates to child sex abuse. Perhaps you should research the enormous Jewish presence in human trafficking and child pornography, and research the human trafficking industry in Israel. (Perhaps you should look into the Jewish role in slavery while you’re at it.) Perhaps you should look into the rates of murder, rape, and theft among German soldiers during World War 2, which were the lowest. The idea that whites are more likely to commit violent or sexual crimes is a lie. But go on and keep blindly demonizing due to your hatred and jealousy.

            And no, blacks don’t just shoot other blacks. Blacks murder, rob, and rape whites on an enormous scale. You don’t hear about it in Jewish media, of course. It wouldn’t fit the “whites as evil, blacks as angels” narrative they wish to push to fuel hatred against whites by blacks. And of course, it has been rather effective, judging by your obvious hatred of whites and also by the rates of violent crime against whites by blacks, including the fact that most all rapes in prison are racially-motivated hate crimes by black inmates against white victims. And all of this because of Jewish lies and the gullibility of those such as yourself.


            Also see: http://erectuswalksamongst.us/Chap28.html

            As another white man said: “TL;DR We classify homo erectus a subspeices which we share 99.81% of our genes with but not the sub-Saharan Africans which we share 99.77% with. Either erectus should be reclassified as Homo sapiens erectus or sub-Saharan Africans should be reclassified as Homo africanus. A difference subspecies. (We as in Euroasian)”

            the genetic distance between the two species of gorilla, Gorilla gorilla and G. beringei, 0.04%, is nearly six times less than the genetic distance between (sub-Saharan) Africans (Bantu) and Eurasians (English), 0.23%

            The genetic distance between the common chimp and the bonobo is 0.103%, less than half the English-Bantu genetic distance of 0.23%.

            there is less mtDNA difference between dogs, wolves, and coyotes than there is between the various ethnic groups of human beings.

            The genetic distance between (sub-Saharan) Africans and Eurasians (0.2%) is more than twice the genetic distance between living humans and Neanderthals (0.08%) so, at the very least, Africans should be classified as a sub-species, Homo sapiens africanus and Eurasians as another sub-species, Homo sapiens eurasianensis.

            Finally, the genetic distance between Homo sapiens and Homo erectus is estimated as 0.170 (mean given as 0.19), about the same as the genetic distance between the Bantu Africans and the Eskimos, but the genetic distance between living Africans and Eurasians is 0.23. Thus, Homo sapiens is more closely related to Homo erectus than Eurasians are to sub-Saharan Africans. Either erectus should be reclassified as Homo sapiens erectus or sub-Saharan Africans should be reclassified as Homo africanus.

            • Ours is the Fury in the Rains of Castamere says:

              You are wrong. Period. Jews again? You poor picked on white man. Full of fear.

              • j3133 says:

                If you really are black, not just a shill, I suggest you read the following article. Although you clearly hate whites, perhaps you will have some sympathy when one of your own is the victim of the same evil forces who are really against all of us. http://www.veteranstoday.com/2013/05/12/did-cia-kill-malcolm-xs-grandson/

                • ger says:

                  That VT article (did CIA kill) sucks.
                  …Jew tool communist plagiator MLK in one breath with JFK…
                  the Satanic organization of UN and KGB generals commanding the starting/loosing of Korean/Vietnam wars…JFK against Jew money…all hidden in that article.

                  • j3133 says:

                    Interestingly enough, the other day I told my uncle, a Vietnam War veteran, that the US never wanted to win the Vietnam War in the first place. He proceeded to tell me how he had to recapture the same hill over and over – they would be ordered to take it and they would fight and die for it, and after that they would pull everyone out and the enemy would retake it. The next week they would be ordered to retake it once again. In fact, his fox hole was still in the same spot the next time he took the position.

  3. ger says:

    Your Comment shows that you have advanced to a stage where deception has lost a lot of its power. We need many armies of people like you. I am all on your side.
    A few weeks ago I encountered a new way of looking at things.
    The Jew should not become a point of worry. He is powerless because we are protected.
    If you are interested in my experiences please contact me.

    JOOTUBE seems to have blocked access in Europe to my videos.

    (a concert video)

    is another site listing my works but not under my control

  4. ger says:

    “Remember the of fences of your own race before you start pointing out the offenses of
    others. Unless you’re not Christian.”

    Christianity has been hijacked by the seed of the serpent Jew.
    The Holy Bible is very clear.
    Jews are not mentioned the first 500 pages of the bible;
    then in II Kings 16/6 the Syrian King chases the murdering Edomite idumean seed of the serpent dark skinned Canaanite Jews away from Syria
    The bible is clear (genesis 1) that Yahwah created the “enosh”- man race on the sixth day.
    The non white races are therefore much older and he does NOT care about them as much as about his own white children.
    When he formed Adam (which means a person who blushes) on the day he rested he put his own DNA into it and told that race to take care of the rest of the creation.

    THE RACE problem has existed as long as there has been racial contact. Just how long this has been is a matter of uncertainty and dispute. But most of the experts agree that there is a record of some six thousand years of racial contact in Africa and of some four thousand years of the white man’s dealings with the colored races in Asia. Surely this is long enough for us to judge the accomplishments of the various races, their relation to civilization as well as the results of racial contact.
    The three great divisions of mankind, the white (Caucasian), the yellow (Mongolian), and the black (Negro) races, have each written a history upon the pages of time. It is our purpose to study race relations between the Caucasian and Negro races (2) in world history so that we may gain knowledge which will aid us in solving the race problem which confronts our Nation.

    The great civilizations of the ages have been produced by the Caucasian race. History shows that civilizations founded by the white man have been maintained for centuries, but when the blood of the white race has become mongrelised, civilization has never survived. It has further been proved that prolonged contact between the white and colored races has resulted in the mixing of the blood. The intermingling process may be slow, but it is inevitable. Let us survey the pages of history and view the rise and fall of great civilizations and cultures which have been produced by the white man and lost by the mongrel.

    • Yahweh is an asshole. All the monotheistic religions are made up in the minds of men and are reiterations of pagan deities. The claim you make in your above post, Christian Identity, is essentially a cult comprised of a bunch of wackos. Don’t even try to debate these guys

      • j3133 says:

        What is your alternative?

      • j3133 says:

        As far as CI goes, just as among other communities CI has its share of the truly well-intentioned, the intentionally deceitful, the shills, the frauds, the loving and the hateful.

        • ger says:

          I answered to your private mail.
          My experience is all I have.
          Everyone has to discover the truth for themselves.
          Like a base of action.
          No results based on chaos and denial.

          Best to you!


  5. Anonymous says:

    Dear Webmaster,

    Quick Suggestion…

    Would it be possible for you to have a section off to the side of your site (Similar to your Required Reading, Further Reading sections etc.) that says Recent Comments?

    Similar in look/function to this site (see Recent Comments heading):

    It seems to really stimulate discussion and would add value to your site.


  6. Anonymous says:

    Dear J3133,

    It’s beginning to look as if End of Zion is Jewish controlled managed opposition.

    If you’ve got time, would like to know your thoughts on EOZ, like you did for Total Fascism etc. Your observations were “spot-on.”


  7. Anonymous says:

    Dear J3133,

    It’s also beginning to look as if “Brother Nathanael Kapner” of Real Jew News is Jewish controlled managed opposition.

    It’s almost as if the Jews have created/masterminded some sort of a permanently fractured electronic version of the Jew-wise human’s brain via all of their Jewish-controlled WordPress managed opposition sites etc. What the? Exactly. :D

    It’s difficult to explain in typed words however if someone of your [J3133’s] writing ability and mental caliber were to “get it” you could definitely pull it off.

    The original ZCF too, could have explained it very well using the written word.

    By the way, the original “authentic” ZCF was either unknowingly enabling all of this, unconsciously part of it (via Delaney’s actions behind the scenes), knowingly part of it, or was starting to become privy to it.

    Either way, his site’s “fractured mind” if you will was starting to become less fractured as time went on due to the good work of certain commenters…hence his site eventually “had to go.”

    Some, thanks to the excellent writings of those like yourself, are starting to awaken to the permanent fragmentations inherit in Mark Glenn’s The Ugly Truth network. They are beginning to see exactly what you spelled out here:



    Everyone who is legit needs to go electronically self-sufficient- and get off of Jewish-controlled 3rd-Party servers such as WordPress if they possibly can.

    More on Jew-controlled WordPress:


    Fight the Jew World Order
    Always Seek Alternatives

    Where there is a will, their is always a way.

    It appears that many of the purportedly “Jew-wise” (including Kapner) have built their entire “Electronic Empires” upon foundations of Jewish sand.


    Kind of makes one wonder doesn’t it?

    If you’ve got time, would like to know your thoughts on Nathanael Kapner of Real Jew News, like you did for Total Fascism etc as mentioned above.


    • j3133 says:

      “Brother Nathaniel” has some good info. But from my notes he seems to downplay Jewish crimes a bit and still thinks a Holocaust of ANY sort occurred in Germany. He also doesn’t work.

      He also pushes Christianity, which I’m starting to see is really an alien religion, a Jewish tool to harm us. I was kind of hoping I could get behind Christianity, but alas, it isn’t truth. Truly good Christians are good because they were born good, not because Christianity made them good.

      Yes, there are so many fractured minds… and the problem is that only a tiny number of people are capable of healing their fractures fully. It seems just about everyone has a place they won’t go, a false belief they will not let go of. Even the men who have the most informative things to say, most don’t know how to behave like men. They are so heavily Judaized, they have no idea how to behave honorably. They act like passive-aggressive Jews or women. They don’t really value truth so much as their own pride. And they aren’t willing or able to learn how to improve. I swear, I haven’t interacted with more than a handful of individuals who don’t resort to Jewish behavior when someone disagrees with them. A seemingly rational man becomes emotional, deceptive, throws out logical fallacies to no end, etc., all to defend some idea or some individual because of his emotional ties to them. I learned to get past that, to a great extent. Reason is the basis of my emotions now. My instincts are completely in tune now with my rational mind. I wasn’t always like that, as I wasn’t informed enough to base my actions and thoughts on truth. I would react viscerally based on false belief, based on the lies I’d been told, the indoctrination we all have experienced. That is why I avoided the Jewish question for so long, for example. But now I have cleansed myself of false beliefs. It really is a great feeling to know enough that I can be confident about what is right and wrong, what is true and false.

      However the problem is that so very few are there with me. Sometimes I think the number is zero. I feel alone because there are so many people who should be allies, but don’t know how to behave in the way we need to behave, who hold false beliefs, who just aren’t at the level I’m at, or above it. Everyone is so individualistic, they don’t want to be contradicted, and they aren’t rational and intelligent enough to put it all together and draw the appropriate conclusions from the data that is out there. Everyone thinks they’ve got all the answers. It probably seems that I think I do, too, and it’s true: I do have many of the answers. I started by journey thinking I knew it all, but I was always willing to learn, to be convinced by a true argument. And I changed my views over time, rid myself of delusions and inconsistencies, and though it took years of learning, I now know how to be truly virtuous. But I’m looking around and I don’t see many others who know how.

      And that leads me to consideration of another possibility I hope is incorrect. That the stupidity, the ignorance of my people is just so high that we are doomed to defeat. That really, a stable, thriving civilization is not even possible for my people to create. That the Jews, at least, are trying to form a stable society. I still don’t know for sure whether, be they successful in their quest, they will just destroy the world. My own people won’t fucking listen to me when I try to help them. Instead they’d rather act all bitchy, they’d rather contradict me even when I provide the proof for my assertions, endlessly they’d rather bicker over trivialities on one hand, and on the other claim that the most important things are trivial! They think they know it all even though they haven’t proven it to themselves that they do. And they loathe criticism. They won’t correct their mistakes. They apparently can’t modify their behavior. They are not elites.

      And if they can’t, then why on earth should they rule? They can’t even rule their own minds and thoughts. If I were to successfully lead these people to victory, would they not turn on me just like they do right now? They are so foolish and shortsighted and unthinking. At least the Jews, their elites at least, the top of the food chain, at least they are not those things. At least they have a plan for the future. Sometimes I wonder, being a man who can ponder any question without self-blinding fear, are the elite Jews doing what’s best for the long-term future? What if it’s the only way we can do something truly constructive and lasting? What if it’s the only way we can survive long term as the human race? The “elite” Jews lie not only to us but to the lesser Jews. What if lies are the only way to keep the stupidity of the masses at bay? It certainly seems that most cannot handle the truth, Jew or not. All are full of such self-deception. You have to think, in order for the “elite” to do what they have done, they must have a fine understanding of TRUTH, even if they don’t tell us truths. They know how people tick, they know what fucking works, they know how to get results, and they are willing to spend the time to get them. It seems sometimes as if a human race that loves too much is destined for failure, as love is weakness, it is complacency. The Jews are strong because they hate. Love creates and sustains, but only to a point, then it becomes a hindrance. Love is tolerance. Hate destroys, but if it is always focused against the “other”, then it is no threat to the people. Hate is intolerance. And we need more intolerance of the things that are harmful to us, like the disrespect so many of our people demonstrate toward each other. Perhaps the only future for any sort of human race is one where the people are highly ethnocentric, highly hierarchical, with a wise elite at the top. An individualistic people cannot compete with that. They argue amongst themselves too much, and when only a tiny minority is truly enlightened, how the hell are they to share their wisdom when the masses outnumber them? The wise do not prevail, in fact they are powerless. And they cannot think long term. In contrast, look at what Moses accomplished.

      Anyway, as for the End of Zion blog you mentioned in another comment, I don’t know enough about it to say, though I did get a slight sense of *entertainment* being an aspect of it. I don’t really trust blogs that seek to entertain. What is it about EOZ that concerns you?

      • Anonymous says:


        Noticed something interesting yesterday and am in need of your assistance…

        This week Kapner has been “retreading” some of his old worn out “Jews Control The Media Blah Blah Blah” material again and something looked amiss…

        The article this week seemed similar to another article that he had written 5 years ago- back on June 9th of 2008.

        In his aforementioned 6/9/2008 article titled Newhouse Family: A Zionist Media Empire he wrote, or perhaps plagiarized, the following 4 short paragraphs/sentences:

        —   —   —

        One might think that because of the large number of local newspapers across America a safeguard against Jewish control would be in place. However most “local newspapers” are owned by companies controlled by Jews whose offices are hundreds of miles away.

        The Newhouse Empire of the Jewish brothers Samuel, Donald, & Theodore Neuhaus (surname changed to Newhouse) illustrates the insatiable appetite that Zionists have for opinion control.

        Today the Newhouse Empire, under the parent corporation of Advance Publications, (owned by descendents of Samuel & Donald Newhouse), owns 40 “local newspapers” across the USA.

        These include the Newark Star Ledger, the Cleveland Plain Dealer, & the Portland Oregonian.

        —   —   —

        Now compare the above, supposedly “written” by Kapner in June of 2008 with the below excerpt from an article- which supposedly appeared in the May 2009 issue of The Muslim World League Journal under the title Six Companies Control the World’s Media:

        —   —   —

        One might conclude that the sheer number of different newspapers across America would provide a safeguard against Jewish control and distortion. However, this is not the case. There is less independence, less competition, and much less representation of our interests than a casual observer would think. The days when most cities and even towns had several independently owned newspapers published by local people with close ties to the community are gone.

        Today, most “local” newspapers are owned by a rather small number of large companies controlled by executives who live and work hundreds or even thousands of miles away. The fact is that only about 25 per cent of the country’s 1,500 papers are independently owned; the rest belong to multi-newspaper chains. Only a handful are large enough to maintain independent reporting staffs outside their own communities; the rest depend on these few for all of their national and international news. The Newhouse empire of Jewish brothers Samuel and Donald Newhouse provides an example of more than the lack of real competition among America’s daily newspapers: it also illustrates the insatiable appetite Jews have shown for all the organs of opinion control on which they could fasten their grip.

        —   —   —
        Notice any unusual similarities?

        Now here’s where you come in J3133

        As we all know, you’re very familiar with the writings of Dr. William Pierce.

        It has been alleged that the article that had appeared in the May 2009 issue of The Muslim World League Journal was in fact merely an updated version of an article that had originally been written much earlier by Dr. William Pierce.

        Do you have a link/date to the original Pierce article which they are referencing?

        Perhaps Kapner in 2008 plagiarized Peirce, passing it off as his own material, then a year later in 2009 The Muslim World League Journal knocked off/updated Peirce’s work again? Or was it Peirce himself that wrote the 2009 update that appeared in The Muslim World League Journal?

        The Jewish-controlled managed opposition has really muddied the waters- as usual:

        Quick Example of the Endless Confusion:

        But WHAT IS THE DATE and WHO is the source?

        Please straighten us out on this issue.

        Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


      • Bradley says:

        Hello, J3133. Are you still looking for what you call “elites”? I am, and you seem(ed) to be one such. By your last posting, can I assume the Jews ran you off this site? I’m looking for people to join with in efforts based on action, and no longer merely with words. If the jews haven’t gotten to you please contact me to discuss. Thank you.

    • Anonymous says:

      I [ZCF] suggest you [commenter/others] purchase your own domain where you can host all of your material in one place. You can host websites anonymously too, so that shouldn’t be an issue.

      WordPress is a Jewish controlled website. I’ve [ZCF] had about 4 different blogs removed by them. Same with blogger and all the freebie hosting sites out there.

          — The original/authentic late ZCF in a reply to one of his many readers/listeners/viewers on September 1st 2012 before his mysterious and still yet to be properly proven/explained disappearance in mid December of that same year.
          — http://web.archive.org/web/20120903232243/http://zioncrimefactory.com/2012/08/31/jew-shill-alex-jonetein-pretends-the-adl-is-attacking-him/#comment-30549

    • Anonymous says:

      “Brother Nathanael Kapner” of Real Jew News has the following sentence written “proudly” across the bottom of his heavily censored (comments section) website:

      Real Jew News is proudly powered by love and concern for your soul.

      In fact however, the Real Jew News website is powered by Jewish-Controlled WordPress!

      Kapner hopes that unsuspecting Americans will watch his Jewish-Controlled YouTube videos and will feel induced to provide a “donation” via his Jewish-Controlled PayPal account so that the Government may add the donors names to the Jewish-Controlled American Government’s book of the soon-to-be dead.

      Today millions of unsuspecting suckers read/watched Kapner’s latest article/video and thought that it was an amazing revelation- when in fact it was merely old “retreaded” material that had aired on American public television (PBS) as far back as 4 years ago like NOVA’s The Spy Factory which dealt with some of the material in James Bamford’s book titled The Shadow Factory: The Ultra-Secret NSA from 9/11 to the Eavesdropping on America. Of course there was no mention of the Jews- but that was only to be expected.

      As J3133 would perhaps comically/sarcastically scream to his masses of completely clueless and unsuspecting “swine” via his insanely loud official Rabbi Jone$tein Bullhorn/PA Speaker Microphone:

      “There is nothing new to see here folks- please disperse!”


      “There is nothing new to see here folks- please disperse!”


      “There is nothing new to see here folks- please disperse!”

      • ger says:

        That creep with his ugly aggressive smile is NOT my “brother”!
        He is repeating the old jewish heaven/hell hoaxes and even picking up the
        stupid “lucifer” story, a terrible Jewish invention with no backing in the scriptures.
        Morris has become in line with that creep…asking for “donations” every chance they get.
        Description of something as it is without clear advice how to overcome makes the play the role in which paralysis will be the only result.
        Jews do no only interpret the world but change it.
        Since the bastards nowadays kill goyim philosophers before they even have the time
        to be heard, other Jews play that same role with the intent of being seen as “good Jews”.
        “the different philosophers only have INTERPRETED the world but it is necessary to
        CHANGE the world”

  8. ger says:

    Sorry to notice that you are still believing the Jewish lie that they are the chosen.
    Moses was no Jew.
    Try Dewey Tucker, a very knowledgeable man can help you understand the church kike lies.

  9. ger says:

    What does CI have to do with Tucker??? he hates it too.

    • j3133 says:

      It says online that he’s CI. Doesn’t really matter though. CI or Christianity, it’s all pretty awful. Can you summarize Tucker’s philosophy?

  10. ger says:

    I went all over the religions and places and found myself more and more lost. Until I discovered that the Jews had hijacked Christianity and even claimed, that they are the chosen race.
    The Jews have instilled in us the believe that the New Testament should be our guideline and with this trick separated the father from the son. It is very similar to separating countries in East and West…South and North and destroying it for the benefit of the Jew.
    The Holy bible is the most racist book ever written.
    1. “Genesis” is all about genes: DNA
    2. In the original version the word “man” appears in two different meanings: in Genesis 1 “enoshe” (created man) is used. Created into the earth and signifying all kinds of races except the white race. Which means that Adam (rosy…blushing in the face) in genesis 2 is relatively new to this planet and have as children of Yahweh preexisted as family of the Eloheem.
    Yahweh tells his racial children (his DNA) to take care of this planet as expressed in the prayer….thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.
    3.Jesus came into this world only “for the lost children of the house of Israel”.
    4. Israel has nothing to do with Jews as they are the “synagogue of Satan”.
    5. Satan was created in heaven and “cast into the earth”
    6. The “enoshe”-man was created into the earth.
    7. Transgressions against the laws of Yahweh (Noah/Soddom & Gomorrha) will lead tototal destruction
    8. The humility demanded in the Holy bible is not demanded towards men (lying Jews) but towards the eternal father and is NOT addressed to other races but to those of the Eloheem family.
    9. Lucifer was mentioned in connection with an evil king of Babylon who put himself up higher than Yahweh. The story about a good angel turned bad is an outright lie with no foundation whatsoever in the written texts.
    10. Heaven and hell fear mongering is a total hoax in order to rake shakles for the Jew and his traitorous goyim kike priests.
    The seed of the serpent is the edomite Jew, who is never mentioned in the first eleven books of the Old testament….on which their Thora is based.

  11. Brother Nathanael is reportedly John Landis, I would be cautious sending my money to this guy:

  12. Ace Militant says:


    Aren’t you the one who wrote this about womyn and Blacks:

    “But if someone’s going to tell me I need to stop using the word nigger or cunt when it is indeed an accurate reflection of the individual at which it is directed, what they’re telling me is to be nice? To turn the other cheek. To embrace the slave morality. To LIE. To avoid telling the truth because the truth isn’t politically correct. All this has ever led to is pandering to the mainstream, the mainstream that is owned and operated by Jews, the mainstream that will never actually support us as long as they cling to their false religion: liberalism, modernism, feminism, weakness.”

    So, are you a stickcunt then? or maybe a stickpussy? or how about just a hangdown? I don’t mind referring to white nationalist men as stickcunts and stickpussies from now on if you’re alright with equality in this regard. And you can also be called “white trash” with impunity since you like using the racist hate term “nigger”. Is this okay with you, stickcunt?

    You spewed this misogynistic tripe as well:

    “But over time, as any movement becomes more popular, women begin to seek to join up. To get involved. And then to make demands, to scold men for using “naughty language” like cunt. To turn the men’s space, a space where things get done, into a woman’s space, a space that caters to women and their whims.” (Source: truthmilitia.com)

    Not at all, stickcunt. You can say the c word all you wish, but then you’re a stickcunt and/or hangpussy in turn.

    And this:

    “Trying to “appeal” to women is an exercise in pointlessness. The alt-right’s focus should be on recruiting young men, the fuel of revolution. Once the tide begins to turn, women will flock to the right like groupies swarming an indie rock guitarist who lives with his parents and doesn’t have a job. Don’t get me wrong: it’s not that women should be unwelcome, it’s that they’re unimportant. They are sideshows, not the main act.”

    That’s right. What womyn with any class or intellect would ever dream of allying with hateful, racist and bitter “men” like you?

    • j3133 says:

      I usually only call white trash “white trash”. Not all whites. As I’ve said before here, I owe my allegiance to truth, not to a race. The only question is whether the term “white trash” is applicable. And there are plenty of cases where “white trash” is quite applicable, just as there are many cases where “nigger” and “cunt” might be applicable. The only reason those last two are frowned upon is that it suits Jewish interests. It’s all swell when people use hateful terms (“cracker”, “white trash”, “Nazi”) to describe white people, but when they use hateful terms to describe blacks or women, THAT is a problem, and only THOSE words are the really bad ones. There’s a reason “cracker” and “white trash” and “Nazi” are considered kosher (wink) yet “nigger” and “cunt” are a BIG DEAL. It isn’t because there’s something intrinsically evil about the word “nigger” or the word “cunt”. They are just words. The only reason they FEEL so offensive is that we’ve been TRAINED to feel that way by our lovely Jewish overlords. This is why the idea that “serious” people don’t use these terms is patently ridiculous, it implicitly acknowledges the rightness of our modern Judaized morality, a morality designed to grant Jews world domination, a morality that must be disposed of like the offal it is.

      Now why do I have the feeling that someone’s going to quote me on this, but fail to provide the entire quote? :) And even if they do, they’ll probably just count how many times I used the words “nigger” or “cunt” (add ’em to the tally!) and disregard what should be obvious: that these words are only bad because we are TOLD that “mean words” aimed at blacks or women are bad but mean words aimed at whites are just dandy. The hypocrisy is obvious.

      Don’t think I’ll be entertaining the notion that telling the truth about men and women’s differences is “misogyny”. The Jews who created feminism might agree with you though. Perhaps you should join up with them, if you haven’t already?


      EDIT: Here’s the full article Mr. Ace Militant is referring to: https://j3133.wordpress.com/2013/02/10/truth-as-a-foundation-for-meaningful-resistance/

      I knew even back then that (Jewish?) shills like Mr. Ace Militant would start calling me “misogynistic” and “bitter” and all that silly feminist jazz, so I added a note within the piece to address that, and I may as well copy it here as well:

      [Note: It’s come to my attention that some people who have an agenda against me are going to take this next part out of context. So let me be clear: It will do us no good to spend our time throwing out offensive insults haphazardly. I certainly can do a better job at that myself, which is a lot easier when I don’t feel alone in this struggle. On the other hand, we need to realize that people are going to get angry sometimes and use these terms, and that we can’t spend all our time asking them to go to “sensitivity training” to appease Jews and other advocates of “political correctness”. My mission here is to tell the truth, not appease the delicate sensibilities of the hopelessly Judaized. Sometimes strong language is necessary because it sheds light on how conditioned we really are to view the world in a certain way. As you read the rest of this piece, keep that in mind.]

      • Ace Militant says:

        Whatever you say CENSORED, CENSORED, CENSORED. Keep talking out your CENSORED and CENSORED on your CENSORED like all white nationalist “men”.

        You’ll lose in the end just like Hitler did.

        J3133’s note: Removed disgusting filth.

        • j3133 says:

          Ace Militia, I am rather curious what sort of creature you are. You hate white people and especially white men, yet you troll on Manboobz’s feminist forum? What’s your deal? You appear to go by the name Veronica Clark, and you definitely give off a man-hating feminist vibe. Odd, unless you’re a Jewish shill. What do you look like hun?

          Anyway, stop with the idiocy and respond with something substantial if you can, or don’t respond at all. I won’t tolerate much more of your shit. This is a place for discussion, not vacuous trolling.

          Adieu for now,

  13. Pingback: Quick Update | J3133's Truth

  14. Anonymous says:

    The problem with cunts and what nots of the creation like your miserable self is, that
    You have never seen the end of it: who laughs last laughs best. LOL.

    • Ace Militant says:

      That’s right CENSORED. Here’s a site just for you and J3133:

      J3133’s note: Removed disgusting filth.

  15. Truthseeker says:

    Hi, is the video phone call with Andrew Anglins father talking about pedophilia still available?

  16. J3133 says:

    I just wanted to say here that I’m sorry for many of the things I said. The truth is I knew nothing and I used this place as an outlet for my anger. I hope others can follow my example and learn that life is not about hate and anger but about love and peace. Take care brothers and sisters.

  17. unity7777 says:

    For anyone interested, I have a new blog at http://unity7777.wordpress.com. -J3133

  18. I blog quite often and I genuinely appreciate your information. This
    article has really peaked my interest. I will bookmark your blog and keep checking for new details about once per week.
    I opted in for your Feed as well.

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