Join up or give up?

I’m having quite an enlightening conversation with commenter “L” in the Quick Update thread. He states:

“the exploitation of christianity … yes i agree it had vulnerable elements, but it makes me think that really practically all systems do, all can be manipulated by liberalism…”

My response follows:

True. Really, Christianity WAS the exploitation, it was the campaign that Jews used to infect the masses, just like liberalism and Communism were. Rome was vulnerable because of the value system they had. Now, Judaism is not vulnerable in this way, at least as long as Jews are made to perceive a threat from non-Jews. It gives them a shared purpose and it makes them hate non-Jews and Jews who try to break from the system, so much that they see them as less than human, which guarantees only a very small number will mix with the wrong sort of folk and cause trouble. It probably requires a hierarchy in which there are the ruling elite, the lesser elite, and on down to the least of the Jews, but because of this it would need to be somewhat deceptive even to the Jews themselves. It requires very serious, intelligent men at the top, who probably remain fairly hidden to the masses, because when the true elite is known they are vulnerable to those who wish to upset the system. Without the wise elite at the top, mistakes are bound to be made by the lesser masses, and this sort of dissent would have to be bred out over time. If you allow the masses to actually participate in the governing process, it’s quite inefficient and leads only to disaster. It’s the same reason marriage doesn’t work unless one spouse submits to the other’s will. It explains the situation today with Judaism, and with Democracy in general, quite well.

To defeat a system like this, you would have to find a way to convince the masses that their elite are wronging them somehow and that it would be better for them in the long run to cast aside their allegiance to the elite. I’ve been thinking lately that the most effective way to resist the Jews would actually be to focus on convincing the Jews themselves, the Jewish masses, rather than expecting the “Gentiles” to foot the bill. If there is more hatred of the Jews as a race, the elite Jews are fine with that to some degree, as long as it is controlled, because that just creates more resistance in the souls of Jews, as they perceive themselves to be attacked. That’s one reason the Holocaust myth is powerful for the Jews, not just because it makes them into victims but because it makes them vengeful – a lot of them today actually really think it happened. And websites regarding elite Jews’ crimes probably just make their masses more determined to fight us.

In the end, whoever manipulates best and works together toward a goal (a conspiracy) best will gain the most power, whether “Jewish” or not. I think this would explain quite well why some “Gentiles” are deep in the NWO schemes, because they are the same, and therefore beneficial in the long scheme of things. And I can see how these elite would scorn those of us who cling to values like truth and honesty, because these simply may not work in the long scheme of things. They wouldn’t have much respect for those who don’t seek and gain power effectively through the use of manipulative tools like money, without doing real work. Not only does it demonstrate intelligence and understanding, but it demonstrates the drive for power, the drive to survive and rule, the ability to communicate and manipulate others and to work within tight-knit social hierarchies, to play that game.

This would tend to indicate that the best option for survival would be to become one of the schemers. I imagine it is actually quite amusing to do so, quite interesting, and sporting. But rather than playing a video game and kicking other people’s asses in trollish ways, you’re doing it in real life for a real purpose in the real world.

Now wouldn’t it be something to manipulate the manipulators using this knowledge? I don’t know that that’s really possible. Perhaps the only real path for those seeking to survive is to demonstrate one’s value to the current world leadership, the elite, by becoming a manipulative schemer oneself and possessing the genius to be able to do so.

It’s more likely you’ll have those traits if you’re in business, if your parents were in business, etc. down the line. Business is just the art of manipulating other people out of their wealth, their time, their energy. Judaism made a game of it, made business the sort of thing a Jew would love, because it provides an opportunity to really stick it to the “other”. It becomes a game of sport. And over time, those who are good at it will have children who are even better at it, because they will mate with others who are good at business, and they will share knowledge and teach their children from an early age. And so they will improve.

But if you’re really just in it to survive and thrive, why would you really care about being loyal to something as arbitrary as race? You’d only be interested in finding people who are as good at scheming, at business, as you are. And especially if inbreeding would become a problem over time, you would make an effort to breed with others who have the same goals in mind, but it wouldn’t necessarily matter what race they are, as long as they are thoroughly vetted. Perhaps this is why Jews are such mixtos, the Jew-curls and shit – because it never really was about race but about the shared goal of survival.

And that would tend to indicate that race, though a factor, isn’t the only requirement to join up with the “NWO” – ability and commitment are very important as well. Really, unless there was a serious flaw in the character of an individual or his family members, something that would be a worry, race only matters in the sense that it, too, is an indication of heritage, of ancestral business sense and drive. It’s just the difference between excelling at these skills for a few generations vs. a few dozen generations.

And if you were the elite, you would be hesitant to join up with those whose ancestors haven’t demonstrated their ability in this area, because if they haven’t there’s less of a chance they’d really be that committed to it. Kind of like how the Freemasons work, with the hidden levels at the top, based on the history of your family’s commitment.

This could explain why much of the leadership of various individual nations around the world is so willing to join up with the “NWO”. It would also explain why people, regardless of race, might be quite happy to act as controlled opposition. In the end, it benefits them personally, their survival. And resistance certainly must seem futile. Perhaps, even, it is futile.

If that’s all true then there’s really not much point in discussing the truth of things and trying to fight what’s coming. The better strategy would be to join up. People do it every day, in little ways, like when they sign up to kill Muslims. They want to be a part of the winning team. That’s all that matters to them. They, too, choose survival over what is today considered “moral”.

And if that’s the case, then a true morality would be to serve oneself. The willingness to do anything and everything to survive. Greed. Selfishness. Survival of the fittest. I suppose that’s what this is all about.

“How often it is that the angry man rages denial of what his inner self is telling him.” –  Frank Herbert’s Dune

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How to talk like a prophet

From Maurice Samuels’ You Gentiles, available here:

“Is it not of the greatest moment that the
work of war should be well done? . . .”
This in a vision of human perfection—for it
never occurs to Plato that perfection in humanity
precludes the possibility of war.

And treating of God, he says: “Surely God
is good in reality, and is to be so represented,”
but what can we make of his ultimate good?
Is not his good merely “a good thing”—as
right is for you “the right thing”? And what
can we make of his God when, after talking
of the goodness and dignity of God, he goes
on to talk of the gods, and of how the poets
are to be arraigned for not treating them respectfully
in that they make them laugh or
portray them in undignified occupations and

Well does he say: “The inquiry we are undertaking
is no trivial one, but demands a
keen sight.” He does not say that it demands
the aid of God, or a loving heart, or
hunger after righteousness. But the very
question of God is a trivial one, for, as one
says in this book: “It is urged neither evasion
nor violence can succeed with the gods.
Well, but if they either do not exist, or do not
concern themselves with the affairs of men,
why need we concern ourselves to evade their

This graceful skepticism, which strikes the
opening note of the book, sets the tone for the
entire theme. “What is justice?” What indeed?
Does any man that loves true justice
(not the game) ever ask this question? Can
any one truly believe that the subtlest and
skilfulest analysis of justice will help one jot
in creating love of justice, desire for justice?

A vision of the perfection of mankind and
children being trained for war! Contrast it
with this: “In that day there shall be a highway
out of Egypt to Assyria, and the Assyrian
shall come into Egypt, and the Egyptian
into Assyria, and the Egyptians shall serve
with the Assyrians. In that day shall Israel
be the third with Egypt and with Assyria,
even a blessing in the midst of the land.
Whom the Lord of hosts shall bless, saying:
Blessed be Egypt my people and Assyria the
work of my hands and Israel mine inheritance.”
Or with the better known passage:
“And it shall come to pass in the last days
that the mountain of the Lord’s house shall
be established on the top of the mountains,
and shall be exalted above the hills, and all
nations shall flow into it. And many peoples
shall come and say: Come, let us go up to
the mountains of the Lord, to the house of the
God of Jacob, and he will teach us of his
ways and we will walk in his paths. . . ., And
he shall judge the nations and shall rebuke
many peoples, and they shall beat their
swords into ploughshares, and their spears into
pruning hooks : nation shall not lift up sword
against nation, neither shall they learn any
more war.”

A vision of the perfection of mankind, with
censors and with carefully groomed gods! —-
the limit of his imagination. But this! —-
“And the earth shall be filled with the knowledge
of God as the waters cover the sea.”
And this!—”And it shall come to pass afterward
that I will pour out my spirit upon all
flesh, and your sons and your daughters shall
prophesy: your old men shall dream dreams.
Your young men shall see visions. And also
upon the servants and upon the handmaids
in those days will I pour out my spirit.”

And because his world is not God’s world,
but the world of his self-created gods, he
must sit down and argue anxiously, “What is
justice?” But he that really loves justice
asks no questions: he cries instead: “Seek
good and not evil, that ye may live: and so
the Lord, the God of Hosts, shall be with
you, as ye have spoken. Hate evil and love
the good, and establish judgment in the
gate.” And: “Let judgment run down as waters
and righteousness as a mighty stream.”

And when, baffled by the inadequacy of his
human standards, your philosopher refers
justice to the “categoric imperative,” he betrays
the triviality of your world. What is
that “categoric imperative,” that helpless
compromise and confession? What man recognizes
it, will bow to it? That phrase
itself is its own denial, for he that refers mankind
to a “categoric imperative” is himself
neither categoric nor imperative. But even
the deaf will hear and tremble when the
Prophet thunders: “Thus saith the Lord.”
There is the categoric imperative!

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Removing some junk

I cleaned out some of the stuff I had here that I don’t really feel is that important right now, like some of my silly rants. Eventually I don’t plan to keep posting on this site or with this name because there are more effective ways for me to spread the truth that I need to get to work on, but I won’t delete the site. I apologize if one of your comments got thrown away with the posts.

Also please realize that this website represents a short journey I took, where I finally allowed myself to look into whether all the talk of “Jews” was legitimate and I also pondered the legitimacy of white nationalism and Christianity. The Jew thing panned out, the others aren’t for me.

Of course whites have the right to defend themselves, but basing a movement solely on “being white” is not and can never be effective. And though I have respect for those who practice traditional Christianity and are good, sensible people, I have come to the conclusion that in the long run Christianity is harmful to those who practice it.

At the time I was looking for something to grasp onto, so I made some mistakes. I also decided that due to the shock of the truth about “Jews” I better not disregard ANYTHING out-of-hand ever again. So I even gave religion a chance even though I’ve been an atheist since I was in my teens.

If you stumble upon something disagreeable or inaccurate in my past statements, I urge you not to throw the baby out with the bathwater. It’s too important.

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a_German responds to ZCF’s senseless hatred of all white people

Nailed it!

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Quick Update

To anyone reading, greetings.

I want to let people know that I haven’t been able to access my e-mail for a while, so don’t bother trying to get a hold of me that way, and I’m sorry if I missed an e-mail you sent.

If you’d like to get a hold of me the best way is to simply comment on my site. Trolls not welcome.

Here are some interesting links:

Comment on curse words / supposed “hate” words.

Comments I made over at ZCF’s website on overall strategy, the kind of stuff I plan to continue writing about in the future. I apologize that not all the comments are intact because Mr. Fuerza became upset when a needless argument he started wasn’t going his way, but no worries, all will come to light in due time.

And here is the full text of a comment I made in response to a reader’s input regarding my new perspective:

I’ve realized this isn’t really about gentiles and Jews. Lesser ‘Jews’ are as much slaves to Jewish leadership as ‘Gentiles’ are. They’ve just been brought up under a much more effective morality than what ‘Gentiles’ have been brought up under. Jewish intelligence may naturally be higher than your average Gentile but probably not much higher than your average white, and when it comes to Jews vs. Germans the innate intelligence is probably about equal or even favoring the Germans, which is why Germans are the Jews’ primary targets: we are a serious threat with our many geniuses esp. with our ability to see through Jewish facades due to our natural penchant for philosophy and fact. I suspect a lot of what the “Jewish” elite possess in brainpower today is due to intermingling with Germans (and other “elite” “Gentile” families, powerful Jews tend to intermix with powerful Gentiles with similar traits, which clearly is a very successful mating strategy).

Really overall although there are significant differences in the races, the key here is culture. And of course, since the Ashkenazi have been following Judaism for at least a thousand years, it has seeped into their DNA. And since whites have been following Christianity, a severely flawed religion developed by Jews to make “Gentiles” weak, I’m sure some of that stupidity has seeped into our DNA as well.

Even despite the genetic differences that have seeped in over the years DUE to the culture, the real key here is the CURRENT culture, the moral philosophy, which defines the Jewish worldview. Here is an example of how very small words can have a large impact on a people’s behavior, from Samuel Roth’s Jews Must Live:

“I have the same objection to Yom Kippur (Day of Forgiveness) that I have to the Catholic
institution of Confession. It breeds instability of mind and character. If a man knows that
no matter how badly he behaves a whole year, no matter what crimes or iniquities he
commits, a day is sure to come when all his transgressions, civil and criminal alike, will
be forgiven him, it is only human that he should be tempted to do rash, violent things to
promote his worldly fortunes.

In the three prisons in which I have sojourned as the result of my forced association with
Jewish lawyers and Jew-controlled courts, I found the overwhelming number of habitual
criminals to be Catholics and Jews. The Catholic knows that he can clear himself of
anything by the simple act of going to Confession. But the Jew goes the Catholic one
better. He denies, by his recital of Kol Nidre, even before he undertakes it, any possible
responsibility in crime. Can it be doubted what a fearful influence for evil this must exert
on his character as a citizen and as a human being?”

My worldview is drastically different than the worldview of your typical peon, and so our actions and reactions are wildly different. The worldview, the culture, the morality, those are the real keys. And when one worldview is sane and the other is insane, the ones who are sane are going to be much better off, and their children who grew up in a sane morality from birth will be even better off, with fewer delusions. What is sane? Sane is what is successful, long term.

Continuing on, the hierarchy is Ashkenazi leadership (with some similarly evil smart whites in the mix) who rule over the lesser “Jews” who are their slaves, and these lesser Jews rule over the “Gentiles”, who are slaves of slaves. The Jews are basically the overseers, but they are slaves themselves. Lesser Jews actually think they’re superior innately because this is what they’ve been taught, but in reality they just were born into a more sensible religion and morality, Judaism, which makes it easy to manipulate dumb Gentiles full of delusions. To them, it seems like Gentiles for the most part must be complete morons, because they are full of so many delusions. In reality, these lesser Jews would behave, for the most part, just the same as Gentiles if raised the same way. And lesser Gentiles, like the idiot masses, would behave for the most part just the same way as “Jews” if they were raised in Jewish culture/morality.

So when I said this was about Jews and Gentiles, I was wrong. This is about sane and insane moralities. This is about truth, about what works for a people and what does not.

Rest assured, the ones who will truly benefit from this in the long run are the “elite” Jews and Gentiles who manipulate the dumb masses, be they Jew or Gentile. Really even the terms Jew and Gentile themselves are misnomers, further delusions.

Anyhoo, there are some people out there who are blessed to be able to see through these lies upon lies, but don’t feel they want to be part of the current “elite”, and probably never could. One choice for us would be to do as the Jews do, and join up with them. But that would be difficult because as I said, the Jewish masses aren’t really any less retarded than the Gentile masses, and they wouldn’t hear what we have to say. Only Jewish leadership could understand us, and they don’t want more competition to deal with, so they wouldn’t let us into the trusted “elite” ranks. We’d be stuck in the ranks of lesser Jews until we or our children demonstrated our value by making lots of money and ripping people off, and being loyal to the Jews, which really means being loyal to the Jewish elite at the top. So again, we’re slaves who are begging to sit at the master’s table, and I see no reason I’d want to serve like that.

The only option I see left is to do what the German philosophers like Nietzsche did, and spread what truth we find across the land. That way, if enough truth gets out, perhaps we’ll reap our vengeance on those who have done us wrong, when a hundred or a thousand years from now a piece of truth we told is utilized by someone of similar intelligence to tear down the “elite” and build something better. If more people valued truth and had the capacity to see it fully, we could really make a rather beautiful world.

They will try to stop us, as if any significant portion of the population really understand these truths, they’d be a real threat to the Jewish leadership, who can only survive on the backs of ignorant lesser Jews below them, who in turn can only survive on the backs of ignorant lesser Gentiles below them.

So my plan is simple. Tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but. However, I won’t be doing it here, as this website represents my introduction into the Jewish problem and my journey finding the truth of Xtianity etc. I needed some time to work through things and get past the Jew/Gentile facade, and I’ve done that.

How does one tell the truth, when everything is so relative? Simple. Some things work for ‘a people’, others do not. Some strategies, some moralities, will kill a people off, and some will make them conquer the world. Liberalism and Christianity are examples of the former, while Judaism and Roman (prior to Xtianity) cultures are examples of the latter.

Rome had weaknesses which were exploited; it was vulnerable to lies. The “New World Order” also has weaknesses; it is quite vulnerable to truth. However those in charge of the NWO are aware of this weakness and take great efforts to prevent truth from getting out there (the first step) and (most importantly) to prevent truth from being absorbed by a significant number of the people.

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Why the WHOLE Truth should be important to you

Because while most of us are busy writing articles regarding whatever pet “movement” we think ourselves a part of, unless you consider the WHOLE truth, the Big Picture, you CAN’T win this war. And it is a war for good, against evil, the victors of which may be decided very soon.

We HAVE to talk about the Boston bombing, the likelihood that it was a false flag attack, the likelihood that the whole event was orchestrated just as a political ploy, probably by Israel’s Mossad and the CIA, to aid in Zionist Jews’ campaign to pass CISPA and push through anti-2nd amendment measures, to take away more of our freedoms, and push us ever closer to utter slavery and, for those who resist their enslavement, destruction.

If we don’t focus on the true culprits and focus on these big news stories that are getting so much attention, and spread the fuckin’ message about the truth, then we may as well do nothing at all, because we can’t win unless we call out their lies and stop them when they try to push through critical measures to disempower us. And by us, I mean everyone who doesn’t want to live in a global slave world run by, literally, terrorists.

By the way, did you know they even used this event as an opportunity to test how ready the public is for martial law? Are you just going to stay silent and let them get away with it scot-free?

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Culture of Critique by Kevin MacDonald – Key points from the introduction

Jewish-dominated intellectual movements were a critical factor (necessary condition) for the triumph of the intellectual left in late twentieth-century Western societies.

Collectively, these movements have called into question the fundamental moral, political, cultural, and economic foundations of Western society. It will be apparent that these movements have also served various Jewish interests quite well. It will also become apparent, however, that these movements have often conflicted with the cultural and ultimately genetic interests of important sectors of the non-Jewish, European-derived peoples of late-twentieth-century European and North American societies.

From Kevin MacDonald’s Culture of Critique, available for free (for now) here:

More key quotations from the introduction are available at /r/WhiteRights and /r/new_right.

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Yes, I’m still around

No, I won’t be updating frequently. Plenty of material is linked in the sidebar for readers to peruse.

Here are a few things I found interesting lately:

Jewish self-deception by Kevin MacDonald

A quote, I don’t remember where from:

Martin Luther seems to have had an inkling of the true nature of the Jew when he said: “How the Jews love the Book of Esther, which is so suitable to their bloodthirsty, revengeful, murderous appetite and hopes. The sun has never shone on such a bloodthirsty and revengeful people, who fancy themselves to be the chosen people so that they can murder and strangle the heathen.” (From the Erlangen edition of Luther’s Table Talks, Vol. XXXII, p. 120.)”

Jews, Injuns, and the Republican Party by Shaun Walker (how the Jews control Native American gambling casinos)

From :

Jews are not descendants of the tribe of Judah: the “great mass” of so-called Jews are not Hebrews or even Semites but Sephardim (Canaanites) or Ashkenazim (Khazars). Too often the word “J_E_W” is loosely used to encompass Hebrews, Israelites and Judahites, which most so-called Jews are not. Here Brother Bosworth is using the word “Jew” as a synonym for the descendants of Judah, which is it not. The word refers to any resident of Judea regardless of their race or religion. There was no such word of this spelling before the 16th century AD, and in common usage this new word has a meaning contrary to the Scriptural words it has replaced.

From Henry Ford’s The International Jew:

Readers of Gibbons’ “Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire” will recall that in Volume 1, Chapter 16, he wrote severe words about the cruelty of the Jews. It will be agreed that only records of the most staggering cruelty could have driven the calm historian to the use of such terms. Readers will also observe, in the passage herewith quoted, that the desire for “the empire of the earth” which actuated the Jews of that period is the same as that discovered in the Protocols: “From the reign of Nero to that of Antonius Pius, the Jew discovered a fierce impatience of the dominion of Rome, which repeatedly broke out in the most furious massacres and insurrections. Humanity is shocked at the recital of the horrid cruelties which they committed in the cities of Egypt, of Cyprus and of Cyrene, where they dwelt in the treacherous friendship with the unsuspecting natives; and we are tempted to applaud the severe retaliation which was exercised by the arm of the legions against a race of fanatics, whose dire and credulous superstitions seemed to render them the implacable enemies not only of the Roman Government, but of human kind. The enthusiasm of the Jews was supported … by the flattering promise which they derived from their ancient oracles, that a conquering Messiah would soon arise, destined to break their fetters and to invest the favorites of heaven with the empire of the earth.”

In footnotes to this passage, Gibbons gives revolting details of the methods used by the Jews of that period.

Martin Lindstedt (a rather cryptic fellow) discusses Jews masquerading as white nationalists and Christian Identity adherents, controlled opposition, meant to keep those who resist Jewish evil confused and therefore impotent.

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“Masters of Deception” By Zander C. Fuerza Now Available

Entitled “Masters of Deception: Zionism, 9/11 and the War on Terror Hoax,” this book covers all of the stops concerning Israeli/Mossad involvement in the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, documenting a Jewish-Zionist conspiracy behind 9/11, the subsequent wars in the Middle East, the “War on Terror” hoax and other Orwellian plots against humanity.

I have also updated the ‘Books’ section of my sidebar to include a link to this work.

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Added a Books Section and a Few Links


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